What Actually Happens On Moving Day?

The moving day is finally here and you are probably a swirling mass of emotions. You may be panicking that you haven’t got everything packed or worrying about the move going smooth. You can use some of our tips and guides to help you with your organisation before the big day, in the meantime, remove any uncertainty by finding out what to expect on the day of the move.

The Morning

We often like to make an early start especially if we are moving an entire house. If we’re moving a single student within York, we may be more flexible, yet the early bird catches the worm.

We will arrive with our vehicles and park somewhere that doesn’t upset the neighbours. We will then knock on the door to be greeted by yourself.

We will ask for a tour from someone who lives in the house or works in the office. Although we will have visited before to give a quote we will not have seen every part of the house due to items being still in the cupboards and on the shelves. We will need to know of any secret cupboards, lofts or areas we may not know about that could have boxes packed and ready to go.

If you have a garden we will also need a tour of this to find out which items are leaving with you and which may be staying behind. As we conduct the tour we will be making a note of the larger items and deciding which pieces will go in the vans first.

If you have not dismantled the flat pack furniture we will ask if you would like us to do it. This will add on time to our quote.

We will then get to work.

We will load on the large pieces first such as sofas and chairs. If you have small children you may find it easier to leave for a few hours while we work. Many customers go to the new house and leave us to it as we can happily carry out the move once we have all the information from you.

We do not stop for lunch during house removals, especially if the job is large. This is because we want to get you settled in your new home before dark.

Moving House In York: All Packed Up

Once the vans are loaded we will secure the property (or you will if you stayed behind) and send you a text or call you to let you know we are on the way. We will travel slowly under the speed limit to minimise any risk of your belongings breaking.

On arrival at your new property we will waste no time unloading. We have very few breaks as we like to be moving at all times. You pay us by the hour and so the quicker we work the less it will cost.

Our first job is to get the big items in place. To put beds back together so you have somewhere to sleep. We will stack other boxes around the furniture safely on the floor along with choosing a designated area in each room for mirrors and artwork.

As long as the boxes are labelled correctly we will ensure they are in the correct rooms for ease of unpacking.

Once our van is empty we will ask for the balance to be paid, make sure you are satisfied with the service and bid you goodbye to enjoy your new place.

Military Couple with House Keys In Front of New Home