Four Rapid-Fire Tips for Moving Home and Sticking to your Budget

If you’ve kept up with our blog then you should already be quids in – whether renting out your old property with a boosted rental yield thanks to our tips, or having sold up quickly by staging your home right (and avoiding paying over the odds on estate agent fees). Now that you’re counting down the days to your big move, we should probably get to work on ensuring the rest of your move stays firmly within budget.

Your removals firm: Four tips for keeping moving costs down

1. Be aware of added charges that could come as a surprise

3 out of 5 movers report their move as being more expensive or a lot more expensive than they originally anticipated. This is usually thanks to charges that are added onto the removals invoice at the end of the move, such as:

  • Congestion charges (applicable in the London region)
  • Parking restriction fees
  • Fees for extra work such as traversing flights of stairs
  • Extra charges for items not originally accounted for (e.g. where there are more boxes to be moved)
  • A large additional fee for having to make more trips than anticipated as you’ve under counted the number of items to be moved

Van Man York top tip: Always ask for (and read) the removal company’s terms of service and full charges break down.

Make arrangements for handing over your keys

You should always be aware that your removals company may charge you extra if they have to hang around waiting for you to pass over your keys to the next property owner.

Van Man York top tip: Be organised well ahead of time as to when and how your keys are being passed over – ideally dropping the keys by somewhere on your own time, rather than on the clock of the removal firm.

Don’t be tempted by a removal service with a ‘too good to be true’ price tag

There’s an increasing habit of home movers to post on social media requesting quotes for removal services. Don’t do it. This only leads all sorts of cowboys to your door – from those that are uninsured and inexperienced, to those who are out and out criminals who won’t even arrive at your new home with your property.

If the quote of a removals company looks too cheap to be true, it probably is – and there will be some reason behind their impossible prices.

Van Man York top tip: Only book a removals firm that has a proven track record and numerous customer testimonials to back them up (you can read our reviews over on Google+).

Use a removals firm that is fully insured

Recently a study has found that 33% of Brits NEVER check the insurance policy of their removals firm. Ultimately this could lead to big bills for you post move, as you may be faced with replacing expensive broken items that you have little hope of being paid for by the unprofessional firm in question.

Van Man York top tip: Make sure that you see the insurance documents of the removals firm before you book the service.

We are Van Man York – with our York removals service, you’ll always know where you are and that your removals budget isn’t going to be obliterated by hidden feeds or sneaky charges.

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Four Rapid Fire Tips for Moving Home and Sticking to your Budget