When a DIY House Move Doesn’t Work

If you’re looking for DIY house removals, van hire or a man with a van then York Van Man are here to help at a competitive price. Our man with van York service is often called upon at the last minute. We have many calls from people who have tried to save money with a DIY house move only to find they need either a bigger van, extra hands or dismantling expertise.

We always keep costs as low as possible for our customers and even give tips and advice on how you can move yourself, we recommend hiring a van larger than what you think you need along with some extra muscle for the bulkier items.

DIY House Moves: Yes or No?

Without professional services a DIY house move may often need:

  • To hire a van and cover the cost of insurance
  • To return the van when finished
  • To hire a plumber for the dishwasher and washing machine
  • To hire a DIY man for dismantling beds and bulky furniture or for removing doors to enable furniture to fit
  • To buy boxes
  • To arrange childcare
  • To call in favors
  • To do the hard work and lifting themselves.

Our York removals covers all of this, ensuring a move is great value for money, easy and swift.

If you are planning a DIY house move, here are some of the bulkier items you may need to consider help with.

Moving Bulky Items From Your Home

The Sofa

We’ve had many clients who have measured their new sitting rooms to ensure their sofa fits but have forgotten to measure the doors to see if it will go in! Small hallways and awkward corners can also make this a problem. Make sure you assess the situation first. Professional removals can find ways to get your furniture in without damage, whether it’s using a window, next doors garden for access to the back or even using the patio doors.

The TV

If you’ve kept the original packaging your TV came in you are amongst a very small number of people. TVs have evolved but their new-fanged screens have made them more delicate than ever. If your TV is damaged on a DIY house move, your home insurance will not cover it so make sure you wrap it very well and lay it flat with nothing on top.

The Fridge

Fridges contain dangerous gases, a reason why they have to be disposed of carefully. When moving a fridge it is imperative that it is kept upright at all times so the gas doesn’t leak. This includes carrying it to the van or lorry. For this, you need a sack barrow or specialist equipment along with ropes and ties to make sure it stays as stationary as possible when in transit. When you reach your new home, leave the fridge or freezer to settle for twenty four hours if possible before turning it on.

Unless you have the right equipment and protection for moving your items in a DIY house move your insurance will not cover any breakages. A professional removal company in York will be insured, so you can be confident that if the worst does happen you’re completely covered. If you really don’t like DIY, don’t worry – we do! Ask about our packing service.

DIY House Removals