Top Tips for Tenants and Landlords when Moving House

Recently the news has been filled with many horror stories surrounding tenants and landlords. Previously only a small percentage of people rented privately but that figure has now soared. Many are naming the rental market as the wild west of the property market as until now very few rules and regulations existed. More reliable and trusted house removal solutions are needed locally for York landlords and tenants and Van Man York are the perfect choice to take care of your removal needs as well as also offering expert packing and cleaning services.

The faults don’t lie with either particular party as there seem to be as many landlords complaining as tenants, yet as a trusted removal company we have seen that a respectful relationship makes all the difference.

During our time moving families, couples and students in and out of homes we’ve also picked up some tips that start and end tenancies on the right note.

Moving In For Tenants

It’s always exciting to move into a new home and one of the reasons we enjoy our job so much as we get to help you start your new life. Although it is tempting to move straight in and ask questions later, our customers (landlords and tenants alike) advise you to inspect the property first. If you see anything out of place or broken that wasn’t in the same state when you signed the lease, contact your landlord before moving in. This may seem like overkill but the majority of disputes arise over the deposit when a tenant leaves and unless you can prove that damage was already there, you’re liable to incur the full costs of repair.

When a Tenant Moves Out

When a tenant moves out of their home there are a few things on their mind. Getting back the deposit and starting afresh somewhere else. It’s amazing how many tenants we’ve moved who told us they lost a big chunk of a deposit due to a stain on a carpet or a dirty oven so we strongly suggest you give everything a good clean before you leave. Besides this, remember to pack properly – that includes leftover accessories in the attic!

A stain on the carpet may take 30 minutes to remove and may cost the price of a tin of Vanish mousse but if you leave the landlord will hire professionals to do the whole thing and then pass the bill onto you.

For Landlords

When doing York Removals it always amazes us when we see the state of some of the properties tenants are expected to move into. Of course, tenants aren’t blameless but as a landlord you should feel a responsibility to make sure a property is welcoming, warm and in a good state of décor and repair. New laws are being introduced that will make this compulsory soon so it’s best to start off on the right foot. If the property has been empty for a while think about putting the heating on the day before your tenants arrive. Make sure everything is in working order such as the boiler and the water. We’ve moved in many tenants who have found the water turned off.

It’s also good practice to ensure there’s light bulbs in the rooms, especially in the winter as this can be a huge annoyance when new tenants move in.

The most important advice we’ve received off our York Removals customers is, present the place as you would like it to be left. Its good manners to have a sparkling clean property that the tenants can move into straight away and if they see the respect you take with the home, they’re more likely to follow your lead.

All in all, with more tenants renting and more laws being introduced, many problems can be overcome with a little respect, a lot of communication and a jay cloth!

Tenant and landlord