Packing Properly When Moving House

Being organised and packing properly is one sure way to reduce stress during a home move or house removal. We’ve put together some moving house packing tips that you may not have thought of to make it quicker and easier to get things moving.

Moving House Packing Tips: The Essentials

Start as early as you can, packing the none essential items such as spare bedding, ornaments, pictures and books. This will not only help you to get the packing underway it will also be easier to clean the house as you go.

The Best Equipment to Help You Pack Properly

In small house moves a few used boxes and newspapers are enough however if you’re moving a whole home consider buying the best tools for the job. Like wrapping presents at Christmas, a well working pen and a tape dispenser make the job so much easier. The best moving house packing tips are often the simplest! Clear labelling makes sense so that once items are moved into your new home from the removal van you know exactly what is in each box and which room it should go to.

Packing Equipment

Make sure you have:

  • Plenty of Bubble Wrap
  • Boxes in various shapes and sizes
  • A pack of permanent markers
  • A roll of sticky labels for furniture
  • A diary or notebook
  • Parcel Tape
  • Newspaper
  • Envelopes (for nuts, nails and bolts –label clearly)

Packing can take longer than you expect it too and a lot of the time can be spent searching for these items. Commandeer one box for your equipment so you can be well organised at all times. The box will also come in handy at the other end helping you to label boxes that you may have forgotten, re-label furniture if a sticker falls off in transit or reinforce boxes with parcel tape. Double-walled corrugated boxes are the best type of cardboard packaging to use for moving house or business move.

Protect Your Valuables!

When packing breakables such as glass and ceramics, it is always advisable to use bubble wrap, tissue or any other material to insulate delicate materials. Carefully wrapping breakables in a soft protective layer before placing them in boxes will insulate against bumps and knocks.

Be sure to label the box as fragile so that it doesn’t go at the bottom of the pile. Although our drivers are extremely careful, even the smallest bump in the road can cause breakages if your valuables are not properly protected.

Packing Piles for Packing Properly

As you pack you’ll find that there are items you no longer need. Just what is that bottle top doing in the kitchen draw? Do you really need the Christmas cards from seven Christmas’ ago? Make different piles for:

  • Items you can sell
  • Items to go to charity
  • Items to recycle
  • Items to dispose of

You could find selling your unwanted items generates enough money to pay for the removal firm.

Packing Heavy Items

As a general rule we advise our customers to put the heaviest items in the smallest boxes. This makes them much easier to move and distributes the weight easily to avoid injuries. It also reduces the temptation to fill the space in the box with more items which would make it heavier still. We can do all your removal lifting and are happy to do so, but do remember good health and safety if you decide to move any of your packed boxes or furniture and bend your knees before lifting.

Also pack as you would at a supermarket checkout, heavier items at the bottom, and lighter ones on top. If the contents are fragile or need keeping a certain way up, say so on the box.

Upstairs, Downstairs for Perfect Packing

We always recommend starting from the very top of the house when packing and working your way down. (Excluding wall art). Don’t avoid the loft, there can be some treasures up there and the sooner you have it sorted the better. This way you know when moving house that nothing has been left behind or missed, ticking off one room at a time until your whole house is well packed and ready for the removal to start.

Above all, be prepared so you can relax when the day of the big move comes.

Packing properly when moving house