York Removals Stick to Tradition with Right Said Fred

Recently we came across the lyrics from the great Bernard Cribbins, the one and only song we’re aware of that relates to the removal industry. It’s amazing that even after all of these years, over half a century, our job at Removals York hasn’t changed much at all. Here’s a reminder of some of the lyrics:

One on each end and steady as we go.”
Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and

“Right,” said Fred, “Give a shout for Charlie.”
Up comes Charlie from the floor below.
After strainin’, heavin’ and complainin’
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he thought we ought to take off all the handles
And the things wot held the candles.
But it did no good, well I never thought it would
“All right,” said Fred, “Have to take the feet off
To get them feet off wouldn’t take a mo.”

Took its feet off, even took the seat off
Should have got us somewhere but no!
So Fred said, “Let’s have a cuppa tea.”
And we said, “right-o.”

What Has Changed in York in Fifty Years?

In York, especially in business we’ve seen monumental change with the rise of the internet along with the advancement of modern technology. From swift ways to pay for groceries in a supermarket (something that was very new fifty years ago) to pizza delivery and being able to book absolutely anything online, the world has moved on. Even libraries allow downloads and connections to the internet while CCTV has made us more secure. All of these things make our lives easier and more convenient but how have we changed as a York Removal firm?

A Traditional Removal Firm in York

Just like the song, the York removals firm is very much hands on, relying on hard honest graft to get the job done. We’ve progressed in the way that we have new tools so we don’t have to worry about taking off the handles, or the ceiling, but we still lift items together, and use common sense to make sure we don’t scratch walls while getting them through the doors.

Our vans are shinier and use less fuel and some even have lifts for heavier items but they’re not that different from fifty years ago.

We may have sat nav but nine times out of ten we still prefer looking at a map, it helps us find parking spaces and ensures we end up at the right place – from the country houses to the student digs.

The Internet’s Role in York Removals

One of the major developments we have embraced is the internet. We love that our customers simply search for van man York or York removals and then connect instantly. We hope to develop this further still. It’s also great when we connect with you as a community through Facebook, as a local York removals firm it helps us to put faces to names. Though we take advantage of new technology, we keep in our heart the traditions and charities close to home.

Of course as modern technology develops, we’ll ensure we adapt and change to make our service even more accessible and efficient but we won’t be replacing our muscles for removals with robots

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