How to survive: The terrible twos and a house move

Any parent with a two year old knows that this is a trying, troublesome time of childhood – filled with tears and tantrums over completely random reasons. Put a two year old together with stressed parents who could be on the verge of tears themselves come move day, and you have a dynamic for catastrophe. What’s more, even if you survive, the first few months of settling in can be a stressful, overwhelming time for your little one.

If you’ve found yourself potentially facing this problem in the rapidly approaching future, then our words of advice could save you a family meltdown or two, and help your mini-me in taking to their new world as well and as quickly as possible.

1. Put yourself in the mind of your little one

First things first – moving home represents massive changes for your child, where their entire world will literally transform into a new environment with which they are unfamiliar. To say that this is intimidating for them is an understatement. To prepare them for the move, try taking a few trips to your new local neighbourhood – visiting the closest park and taking a couple of walks past the house. Ideally you child will have seen and briefly explored your new home, however this isn’t always possible, for which we have some tips further on.

2. Be fully stocked up on nutritious food

Usually we advise home movers to take it easy during the first few days following their arrival at their new home – and that take out is a big stress saver. However with your little one in tow, nutritious food is a must.

3. Break up your packing tasks

Moving is stressful for everyone – for you and your toddler, so try and be organised and break down the tasks before you over as long a time as possible. When it comes to packing, be sure to try and involve your toddler in age appropriate tasks, and take 20 minute breaks every now and then to go and do something fun – such as a quick trip down the park.

4. Accept help when it’s offered

Move day is a long, tiring and challenging day – ideally they’ll be someone who can look after the little one, and you shouldn’t feel reluctant to accept help where it’s offered. In a perfect world, this will be from early until some semblance of order has been created at your new home – this removes some of the chaos that may otherwise unsettle your child.

5. Involve your toddler in the house move from start to end

This pointer may have come a little late in the day, however it can be super beneficial to ensure children are involved in a house move right from the start when you’re house hunting to the moment you arrive. You should also ask for their input as you handle moving tasks, such as which toy should go in which box and praise them for their efforts – this helps to create positive associations with the house move.

6. Delay the packing of your child’s room for as long as possible

Your toddler’s room is their protective bubble, so it’s important to keep their room in-tact for as long as possible. The boxes that contain items for this room should also be loaded last so that you can set their room up first – creature comforts are going to be critical for your child if they’re to feel secure in their new home.

Let’s face it, the horrors of moving can turn even the calmest of adults into a hysterical, seriously stroppy toddler. If you’d rather not face that stressful day alone, we’re here to help. Call our team for a free removals quote – contact us on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.