Moving to a new property – 4 Essential security considerations

Phew! You’ve moved, unpacked and now it’s finally time to open the champagne (and if you used our man with a van York service, then you’ll likely be feeling a whole lot less stressed than if you handled the move alone).

However, whilst research has shown that 40% of first time buyers, and 35% of other forms of buyers, consider security as a primary reason to purchase (The Crime Prevention Agency), a considerable two-thirds may not consider this at all.

So, with this in mind, and before you relax just yet, you may want to take a read of this blog and make sure you’ve considered the security of your new property.

1. Check out the burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are often neglected over the years (with many property owners unplugging them completely owing to their being faulty, or driving the neighbours barmy with literal false alarms). For this reason, it’s vital that you test your alarm – you may also want to consider upgrading it, if it looks to be in a poor state of repair.

What’s more if you don’t already have one installed, now may be the time to consider it, as research has found that most burglars will avoid a home where there is clearly a burglar alarm installed (

2. Inspect the locks throughout

How are the locks looking throughout your home? Both inside and out? If they seem to be vulnerable (and appear as though, given enough force, they could give way) then you should upgrade. You should also ensure that any non-PVC doors have multiple locks to overcome any potential weak spots.

3. Consider how secure your windows are

There’s little point in investing in an alarm and robust locks throughout your property if your windows provide an attractive option for the would-be burglar. As a first step, you should inspect the window locks and frame stability, however beyond this, if your windows are single glazed, you may want to think about whether a switch to double glazed could be beneficial.

4. Think about changing the locks

The average home will have had five previous occupiers before you (; however typically most people don’t even consider changing the locks upon their arrival. That could then mean that there are potentially five other people who now have keys to your home.

Replacing your locks throughout may then be a sensible move to consider.

If you’re yet to make the move…

If you’re still preparing for the big day then considering our Removals in York service could well alleviate some of the strain that moving is inevitably accompanied with.

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