Moving to York – An Insight into Your New Neighbourhood

York is making a name for itself as a property hotspot, having climbed from 12th place in 2013, to 9th place as of 2015 in a list of best places to live (uSwitch); and with the average York property today boasting a value of £278,734 (rising by 5.25% over the last year alone) it seems that more and more people are discovering the many strengths of York, with demand driving up prices year on year.

If you’re soon to be moving to York, it appears you’ve made a wise choice; here we summarise all that you have to look forward to when making the move.

Welcome to a region with much history

York is steeped in history and cultural heritage – a place where you’ll discover miles of medieval walls, the largest gothic cathedral in Europe and a rich array of castles, towers and abbeys; it has been home to Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and even two Roman Emperors, with a written history that dates back a millennia.

With so many historical sites, museums and educational centres to be explored, as well as York serving as a vibrant hub of art galleries and theatres, you’re going to need a helping in hand in getting around them all. Here’s our list of the best attractions that may fill your first 12 months of weekends in York.


National Railway Museum

York Castle Museum

Historical Buildings and Sites

York City Walls

York Cold War Bunker

Castle Howard

York Minster

Day trips and excursions

Full-Day Yorkshire Dales Winter Tour

North York Moors and Whitby Day trip


Rowntree Park

The Homestead

Dean’s Park

Sutton Park

Stats on quality of life in York


Employment rates in York buck the national average, with 73% of the working age population in employment; 43% of which work ‘normal’ full time hours, whilst 21% work more than 45 hours.


The average weekly income in York comes in at £485.10, with an annual disposable income of £15,751.

Living Costs

Living costs in York can be considered as relatively low compared to the national average, with the average weekly grocery bill amounting to £54.80.

The best places to live in Yorkshire

Not yet decided upon York? Yorkshire is a county of diverse cities, towns and villages – the most popular of which are compared here in terms of average property price and value change between 2016 and 2017.

  • Skipton, North Yorkshire – Average price paid: £232,479 (up £23,881 / 9.88% in the last year)
  • Otley, West Yorkshire – £264,770 (up £391 / 0.14% in the last year)
  • York, North Yorkshire – £256,989 (up £13,406 / 5.05% in the last year)
  • Harrogate, North Yorkshire – £319,672 (up £13,816 / 4.22% in the last year)
  • Richmond, North Yorkshire – £228,850 (up £10,685 / 4.23% in the last year)
  • Sheffield, South Yorkshire – £177,146 (up £10,294 / 5.72% in the last year)
  • Horsforth, West Yorkshire – £260,418 (up £11,548 / 4.52% in the last year)
  • Whitby, North Yorkshire – £201,169 (up £13,670 / 6.40% in the last year)

After reading about your new neighbourhood, you’re likely counting down the days until you can call York, your home. As you prepare for the day, make sure you have every check box ticked – including a York removals company who will look after you from A to B (stress-free, fully insured and always on time).

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Moving to York An Insight Into Your New Home