Moving your motorbike? You’ve got three options…

Biker – you love your motorbike; to you, it’s not just a mode of transportation or a collection of nuts and bolts. It’s your pastime – your pride and joy, and if you’re soon to move it, and can’t or won’t be riding it, you need to make a careful decision as to just how it’ll move from where it is now, to its destination. Make no mistake – the road ahead could be bumpy, unless you choose wisely. Here are the three choices you have.

1. Use a General Courier

No matter what general courier you use, whether global industry leader or local one-man band, your motorbike is going to be travelling along with any number of other things, and the driver will almost certainly lack the knowledge needed to properly strap your bike down to secure it. Not only could this mean scratches and scrapes for your bike, it may also mean that they’re not actually covered to transport bikes in the first place. And the real kicker? If it does get damaged then your courier probably won’t be covered by insurance anyway. Our top tip? Forget using a courier altogether.

2. Hire a self-load van and Do It Yourself

A cost-effective alternative to using a general courier is to go ahead and do it yourself. In this instance, you need to make sure that you can secure your bike yourself, and weigh up how much time will be needed, plus the cost or hire and diesel, as compared to using a professional removals firm. So that could mean time off work, as well as having to deal with diesel-sapping traffic jams.

One last thing to think about is how much excess you’d need to pay if the van was to get damaged. If, after weighing all of this up, you choose to go it alone and move your motorbike yourself, make sure you read our guide – Motorbike transport: The Complete How To.

3. Use an experienced removals firm

Last but certainly not least, professional removals firm have everything the first two options are missing – such as insurance, diesel and experience, while handing you back your time and peace of mind that you won’t face a surprise bill at the end of the removals service.

For your peace of mind, our motorbike removal service includes report forms on both collection and delivery – ensuring your bike arrives in the exact condition as when we collected it.

Made your mind up? If you’ve chosen to go with the pros our motorbike removal service in York is fast, efficient and more than capable of handling your most prized possession. Ready for your free, fast motorbike removals quote? Use our two-minute quote form. Alternatively, you can call Ralph, owner of Van Man York on 07931 849 112, or get in touch with the office via phone or email: 01904 375 995 |