Six office interior tips for healthier, happier workers

Employee health and well-being is a hot HR topic right now. From perk packages to policies and procedures – there’s a LOT of advice and guidance out there on how to look after your workforce. Some of it is incredibly expensive, other tips are questionable when it comes to just how much benefit can be derived (office ping pong being just one).

Here’s our fast-fire tips for a happier, healthier workplace when you’re money (and time) short…

Add a standing desk

9-to-5 desk work is REALLY bad for your health. Working in this sedentary way has been linked to everything from an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, to type 2 diabetes, onto obesity.

However you don’t need to roll out a costly employee fitness regime to counter its effects. Working at a standing desk has been scientifically linked to improved mood and energy levels, lower risk of heart disease and weight gain, and lower blood sugar levels.

And if all of the above weren’t enough, how about the fact that standing desks also boost productivity? Best of all, standing desks don’t the cost the earth either.

Go all in with flora and fauna

Research has found that employees are 15% more productive in clutter free workplaces that feature a few houseplants, as employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers”.

Office plants are capable of the incredible. Not only can they clean up the air (an important task that we touch more on in a moment), they’ve also been shown to reduce stress, as well as sickness and absence rates.

Spring clean the air

Bad air day? The potential impact of poor office air quality is truly hair-raising. Sensitivities to chemicals in paint, carpeting and furniture can lead to itching eyes, sinus problems and headaches, while air con systems keep those nasty winter bugs swirling around and around. Yikes. Thankfully the solution is simply – add a HEPA air purifier to your office, somewhere in between those carbon dioxide-sucking plants.

Help your workers manage stress with a comfort area

Workplace stress is a UK epidemic that is thought to cost companies in the region of 12.5 million working days each year (and a total in revenue of £14.4 billion).

Setting up a comfortable area away from working zones can work wonders for lightening the load and providing for a five-minute refresher (think comfortable sofa, music, and art).

If you’re unsure as to what might work best for your team – ask them (involving employees in choosing the make-up of a workspace has been shown to improve wellbeing).

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