Over 65 and new to York?

You’ve been visiting your friends in York sporadically for a few years now and you’ve finally decided to make the move. Now that the children have families of their own and ties to your hometown seemed to have lessened, you figure, why not add some excitement to your golden years? And what better place than York? According to a recent poll, it is, after all, the second-best city in the UK to retire to. Of course, whether you were born in the United Kingdom, the European Union or outside of Europe would determine the legal measures required to realize your move. But once you’ve made it through the bureaucratic hoops, here are our top tips for getting settled in York. You can also check out our general advice in the article, Starting your new life after a big move.


Perhaps the foremost concern when moving to a new city in the retirement years is how to maintain the standard of living to which one has grown accustomed. Hopefully, with your frequent visits to York, you would have already calculated the cost of living, including daily or monthly amenities, health insurance, food and entertainment, transport, and heating for the colder months. With any move, it is important to calculate the financial cost involved and ensure that you are able to maintain yourself financially. But all the more so in your golden years, which ideally should be a time to relax and enjoy life, not worry about bills. Spending wisely is equally important and one area that is sometimes overlooked, especially by foreigners, is banking. Do your circumstances allow you to open a bank account? In the long term, opening a bank account may be the more fiscally responsible move, as the amounts paid in international exchange rate fees on foreign transactions can be, accumulatively, quite significant.


As a retiree, your health is definitely another priority. Not only can getting ill be costly and burdensome to your family, but also what good is being in a beautiful city, like York, and not being in good enough health to enjoy it? In preparing for your move, you would have likely contacted your insurance agent to ascertain what coverage your policy affords you abroad. This article from Forbes offers a bit more detail on pertinent issues when it comes to insurance. In addition to your personal insurance, though, have you thought about the local healthcare services that you may be able to access as a foreigner? While your starting point should be doing your own research, it may be useful to reach out to fellow ex-pats who would have an excellent insight into manoeuvring the healthcare system in York. Does the saying, six degrees of separation, ring a bell? You may be surprised to find that at least one person in your circle knows someone living in Yorkshire who would be willing to share their knowledge and tips with you. So start asking around; the sooner, the better.


Regardless of age, everyone feels a need to belong. As the social creatures that we are, retirement may be particularly challenging, as sadly, opportunities to socialise reduce due to the passing away of friends and family. This may become even more challenging when we consider starting a new chapter in a new city or country. The great news is that York has not overlooked its older citizens. The website, Live Well York, is a robust repository of activities, events and services for retirees. So if you’re looking for a Zumba or tennis class, are interested in singing, craft making, learning to play a musical instrument or having a chat with some university students over a cup of tea and biscuits, then visit their website. Of course due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of these activities have been postponed or modified to a virtual experience. So be patient but persistent, take advantage of the networking opportunities afforded to you in a safe environment and enjoy settling in in York.

Getting around York

York is a relatively small city, which means that almost everywhere is accessible by foot. Certainly, your present degree of mobility would determine the mode of transportation best suited to your needs. But if your health allows, be sure to pack some reliable walking shoes and enjoy meandering down the many little streets and walkways. It is the best way to discover the city’s hidden gems; take our word for it! York also has its own transportation network, including buses and a railway station. For more information regarding bus schedules, park and ride options, cycling paths, pedestrian pathways and the like, visit the iTravelYork website. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can also consider purchasing or hiring a car to be able to explore the beautiful countryside surrounding the city.

With any move, regardless of age, there will be a period of adaptation and a measure of acculturation. Your previous trips to York were more like the highlight reel in a film. The reality is that everything always seems perfect initially or at least forgivable when on vacation. The day-to-day realities may be a bit more challenging to accept once the novelty fades. So in moving to a new city or country, it is important to be flexible and realistic – accept that things will be different. Avoid focusing on the differences, which can lead to discontentment. Remember that you moved for an adventure; to add some excitement to your life, so enjoy this chapter and all that it offers you!

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