4 Surprising Plus Points of Moving Your Company Across Seas & Continents

This REALLY isn’t a popular topic right now. As we’re caught in the middle of Brexit, the news of any companies leaving the UK for overseas is often a matter of fierce criticism. But here we anyway. And we know better than most that international company moves have always been business as usual for many British companies. So with that in mind, we want to tell you about 4 reasons why operating overseas could be great for your business.

1. You might uncover new opportunities

This is usually the primary reason for moving in the first place – there’s
more relevant talent, a wider target market, or fewer competitors (or in a
perfect world, all three). There may even be a longer line up of investors,
who’ll only invest in businesses that are based in certain regions.

2. You could bag yourself some massive incentives

Many countries are actively trying to attract businesses onto their soil. Among these is Malta, which offers lucrative incentives and citizenship to any European country, as well as accounting rules that include refunds to
shareholders being anonymous (something that means it rivals the most competitive taxation structures in the world).

3. You may be able to drive down costs

Working in any developed country means that the costs associated with doing business are relatively high when compared to being based in emerging markets such as Asia.

Even for the smaller of companies, the lower overheads on offer in other countries in terms of energy, rent and wages can all provide for significant savings (and a beautiful view of a beach or mountain doesn’t hurt either).

4. Fewer laws, rules and regulations

UK companies must often jump through many hoops to do business (this country of ours is one of the most tightly regulated in the world). In contrast, other countries around the world can provide for far less red tape (although you will need to do your research as to what laws, rules and regulations are in place in your new home country).

Two countries worthy of a special mention in this respect are Singapore and New Zealand, both of which topped the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ list as according to Business Insider.

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Five surprising plus points of moving your company across seas and continents