Planning for your next move

When it comes to moving, timing is essential. And yet, it is the one element most of us tend to take for granted. For some reason, we always seem to convince ourselves that there’s still time. By the end of this article, however, we hope that we would have presented sufficiently compelling arguments to debunk that myth. The reality is that, any move involves a great deal of planning. This is especially true for permanent or semi-permanent moves, like relocating after marriage or retirement, or for work or university. Our previous article, Your Overseas Retirement Beckons highlights some key factors that those planning for retirement should take into consideration. We have also handpicked a few tasks you should definitely not forget to do before moving across continents in this article. So while the saying goes, anytime is island time, that is definitely not the case when it comes to moving.


Financial planning

Perhaps the most time-consuming activity is ensuring that your finances are in order prior to your relocation. This is, however, an essential step and one of the first elements you should consider. Depending on your lifestyle and financial savvy, clearing off existing debt may take some time. Our advice: start early and enlist the help of a certified financial planner if necessary! If your move follows your retirement, it would be prudent to verify the particulars of your pension plan. Based on your aspirations for this chapter of your life, will you need additional funds? Discussing your lifestyle goals with a certified financial planner will help you plan strategically. The last thing anyone wants in a new phase is to have to deal with financial instability. Or worse, lingering financial responsibilities. So, getting started early with your financial planning will ensure that you enjoy settling in to your new location.

Administrative planning

In addition to financial planning, there is also a host of administrative tasks that need attention before a major relocation. If you are heading abroad it is important to verify whether you will need to apply for a visa. If you are in your golden years, or have a medical condition, you should ensure that you have copies of all your medical records. Be sure to secure copies of any necessary prescriptions as well. Given that such bureaucratic tasks are notoriously time-consuming, you can reasonably expect significant delays in processing your requests. Due to the pandemic, many institutions are either understaffed, or staffed by employees coping with pandemic fatigue or burnout. Once again, an early start will ensure that you obtain all the required documents in time for your departure.

Additionally, maybe a month or two in advance, you should give notice to your leasing agent or rental company. Service providers and utility companies must also be notified. In most cases, this can be done closer to moving day. Be sure to check the terms of your contracts/agreements to confirm how many months’ notice you are expected to give . Pro tip: companies will look for ways to keep your security deposit. Providing sufficient notice should allow you the time to carry out any administrative steps they deem necessary. Remember it is much more difficult to follow up on a refund on your deposit when you are thousands of miles away, so early preparation is key. Once you have all your administrative ‘ducks in a row’, do not forget to organize, copy and file away important documents.

Logistical planning

Let’s turn our attention now to the actual logistics of your move. Will you be moving overseas? Do you need to book flights? Do you need to take your car or some other type of vehicle with you? Will pets be making the move too? All of these require varying degrees of advanced preparation. When it comes to international moves, it would be prudent to contact a removal firm that facilitates international moves at least six months in advance. Be sure to discuss the particulars of your move. If your moving date is entirely up to you, avoid selecting peak months as removal rates are likely to be much higher. When it comes to flying, avoid booking your airfare at the last minute. In as much as your financial circumstances allow, book your travel at least six months in advance. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

If our first point about financial planning did not deter you, and you made it to the end of this article, congratulations. You likely now appreciate the amount of planning involved when making a major move. We cannot stress this enough, it is best to get started early. If you need any assistance securing and packing your belongings, transporting bulky items, or moving internationally, feel free to contact us. With years of experience in removal services, a sterling reputation in York and hundreds of satisfied customers, we would be only too keen to help you with your move and ensure that the experience is as stress-free as possible. So contact us today for your free quote. We’ll be pleased to chat with you.

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