Post-pandemic lessons

Many would agree that the COVID-19 pandemic, while extremely stressful, emotionally, mentally and physically, has also been a period of meaningful, inward reflection. Indeed, for those who engaged in self-examination, there were many post-pandemic lessons learnt. Some of which have even resulted in the transformation of our value systems. Some of these post-pandemic lessons have had significant implications on the housing market. We observe more persons opting to relocate from major cities to suburban areas or even the country or seaside. In this article, we will discuss four lessons learnt and their impact on housing.

Mental health and well-being

Perhaps one of the most important post-pandemic lessons is that of the importance of our mental and emotional well-being. No age group is exempt. The elderly, working adults, teenagers and children have all experienced varying levels of anxiety stemming from the pandemic. In addition to getting professional help, many persons have seen the need to spend more time in the outdoors. For the city-dweller, living and working in a cramped apartment for months took a significant toll on their mental health. It is not surprising then that an increasing number of persons have chosen to surrender their lease in the city in favour of suburban housing in less densely-populated areas with green landscapes, parks, gardens or lakes. Parents especially appreciate the need for green spaces where their children can play outdoors.

Work-life balance

One 2020 report shows that globally, 50% of respondents have difficulty balancing their personal lives with their work responsibilities. During the pandemic, they found themselves working extra hours. Regularly leaving work calls to help their children log on to their online sessions. Or even frequently excusing the interruption of a mate, child or pet in the background. Having overcome those challenges, many have taken a long, hard look at their living accommodations and decided that change was necessary. Furthermore, more companies now recognise the importance of proper work-life balance. They are thus allowing employees to work remotely, in a hybrid mode, or on an activities-basis. Consequently, some employees are now adjusting their housing requirements to include these new realities. For example, one London Assembly Housing Committee survey reported that 14% of Londoners want to leave the city. Their goal? To find more spacious housing, which includes a suitable work space.

Family and friends

Another post-pandemic lesson involves the role of our support circles. While video chats have been great, the pandemic really emphasised how much we need the support of family and friends. After experiencing unprecedented feelings of isolation, or faced with harsh economic realities, some have decided to move closer to family or even move back home for emotional and economic reasons. One US-based study, for example, listed cost of living as the second major factor for persons leaving some of the country’s most expensive cities to return home. Whether the decision to move into a bigger home was sparked by a new addition to the family; a need to take care of elderly parents or have elderly parents or relatives assist with childcare; or to downsize due to a salary cut or retrenchment; the pandemic has taught us the value of our support networks. Indeed, family is everything.

Environmental awareness

Truthfully, the pandemic forced many of us to adopt new, eco-friendly habits. Prior to it, we might have been the type consumer who drove everywhere, even for the smallest of tasks. Now we are hard pressed to think of a world without online shopping, express shipping and home delivery. The pandemic also provided us with countless trends to participate in: DIY gardening, sourdough making, vegan cooking, fostering dogs and the like. Of course, once restrictions eased and life returned the normal, many of us returned to our previous lifestyles. However, there are the newly-converted. For these persons their newfound appreciation for the environment and determination to preserve it, have moved them to take concrete measures to reduce their carbon footprint, such as practicing veganism, commuting or cycling to work, and even moving to an energy-efficient home. Here are some useful tips when house-hunting for sustainable accommodations.

We are certain that you will agree that there are potentially many more post-pandemic lessons to consider. Among those that we have highlighted, you may most likely agree with, if not all, at least one of them. As we mentioned on the onset, the pandemic has irrevocably changed how we view and live our lives. If you have decided that it is time for a move, and are looking for reliable, van removal services in the York area, feel free to contact us. With years of experience in removal services, a sterling reputation in York and hundreds of satisfied customers, we would be only too keen to help you with your move and ensure that the experience is as stress-free as possible. Contact us today for your free quote. We’ll be pleased to chat with you.

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