Six ways to make a business move profitable

Moving business premises can be intimidating to say the least. Downing tools and packing up an entire office is an unavoidably tricky business (with plenty of room for making an office removal mistake or two). Yet with a few strategic hacks, a move needn’t mean only headaches and seemingly impossible to manage logistics. In fact, it can be an opportunity for bolstering profits and growing your client based. Here are six ways in which you can turn your moving woes into a wonderful marketing strategy.

1. Design marketing communications for your move

Think of this move as an upgrade – communicating your expansion with a feeling of celebration due to your continuing commercial growth. A good news story such as this shows your customers that, along with an increasing number of others, they’re with the right company.

Design letters, flyers, an email and potentially a poster (if you’re a bricks and mortar business that welcomes clients on-premises) to announce your move; you should also be sure to update your social networks, as you show the move in progress – this form of ‘inside’ communication helps people to connect with a business.

2. Create an online landing page

In addition to updating your website and social accounts, you should create a landing page that details your big move – explaining the story of your business so far and how your new location is going to help you continue growing and assist you in serving your customers more effectively.

3. Get the word out there in good time

When moving it’s important to let your customers know in good time – and to explain that service will be continuing as normal throughout the move. Along with this it’s vital that you ensure your communication systems are up and running at the new location as soon as possible. Speak to your telecoms company to confirm this, and set up call forwarding for any down time.

4. Organise your printed marketing materials and signage

There are likely going to be many printed materials that you’ll need to order with your new address – such as business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and so on. You’ll also need to think about bright and bold signage to indicate your presence in the new local community.

5. Consider a re-brand

A brand new location could be seen as a fresh commercial start – and if you’ve been mulling over re-branding for some time, it may be wise to grab the bull by the horns when you have a great backstory to go along with it (and after all, you’ll need to order marketing material re-prints on-mass in any event).

6. Connect with other local businesses

The power of local networking is an often underestimated marketing tactic – and while introducing yourself to fellow businesses owners is normally daunting, a move provides you with a great ice breaker (just be sure to have your newly printed business cards to hand).

Moving your business really needn’t be as painful as it sounds, not only can you make your move a profitable one, but you can also look forward to a fast, efficient move with removals in York that look after the process for you. For a quote that’s free from obligation, call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.