Homebuyer – 36 Questions to ask your seller

Buying a home is probably the biggest decision you’ll make in your lifetime, and BOY, is it complicated. Between reading every single line of that contract and researching local areas online, the seller themselves can be a pivotal source of information as to whether you should make an offer, or walk on by. Here are 36 things that you should be asking…

The local area…

  1. What’s the mobile coverage like, and what network are you on?
  2. What are the local nurseries/schools like, and are they oversubscribed? (If both they and you have children). Also check each school with OFSTED.
  3. What local shops are close by – and what are they like?
  4. What’s the nearest park like?
  5. What other activities are in the local area?
  6. How do you find the local doctors?
  7. How busy is the area and how noisy is the street?
  8. If there’s no driveway, what is the parking like? Do residents respect each other’s ‘spaces’?
  9. Is public transport close by, and if so is it reliable?
  10. Is there anything currently missing from the local community?
  11. What’s the crime rate for the local area? (also check on the police website for crime statistics in the local area).

The house…

  1. Which white goods (if any) come with the house?
  2. What are the neighbours like?
  3. How much are your bills – such as utilities and council tax? What about insurance?
  4. What work’s been done recently? Were you planning to do anymore?
  5. Have any offers fallen through?
  6. What security measures have you put in place?
  7. What internet setup do you have?
  8. Is the property child-friendly? (if you have/plan on having children)
  9. Is the home insulated?
  10. Have pets lived in the home?
  11. What is the age of the property and have you had any age-related issues with the house?
  12. Have you had much interest in the house?
  13. Is the property listed?
  14. What’s included in the sale?
  15. Which way does the garden face?
  16. Is there room for negotiation?

The seller…

  1. Why did you decide to move here?
  2. Why are you moving now?
  3. Why did the previous owner sell?
  4. Have you found another property?
  5. If so, what position are they in? Is there a chain?
  6. If there’s a chain, would you be willing to move prior to your property completing?
  7. What did you pay for the property? Also check on Zoopla – this will additionally provide insight into what the neighbours’ paid for their properties
  8. What type of closing date are you hoping for on the sale?
  9. Are you considering any other offers?

With those critical questions asked and the sale completed, you’ll soon be in need of reliable, affordable domestic removals in York. So you know where we are when you need us (and our removals service is every bit as good as our moving advice!).

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Homebuyer 36 Questions to ask your seller