The Big Move: Three Bizarre Benefits Of Using Van Removals

The big move date looms – and let’s face it, mild panic is beginning to set in. It can seem that this task commands military precise logistics, and planning skills akin to that of Santa as he prepares for Christmas Eve.

The issues that can arise when you move are well known – lost items, broken valuables and plenty of stress, yet there are a few lesser known (and rather bizarre) reasons why you may want to consider using a professional van removal service…

1. It may help you avoid divorce

The pressure of moving home is often considerable, particularly when purchasing a new property as the practicalities of moving are coupled with financial strain. It’s then not surprising that one in ten British couples split following a house move (Express); as if this weren’t depressing enough, research has also discovered that moving home is considered more stressful than divorce (Express).

A knight in shining armour for avoiding arguments come the big day is a van removal service – a service that’ll at least help you avoid the last minute rush to get packed and loaded.

2. It could help you avoid injury

Injuries suffered on move day are far from uncommon, however what makes this even more fascinating is that the types of injuries you may suffer, depend on whether you’re a married couple, or a first time mover.

For the former, there’s potential for serious back injuries from overloaded boxes (no doubt from the many possessions accumulated over the years); whilst the latter tend to be most at risk of repetitive strain injuries from last minute (rapid) packing.

3. It will help you avoid three months of…

Moving homes is notoriously stressful – and of course using a professional van removal service will help you avoid stress. Whilst this is unsurprising, what you may find illuminating is that the average time a house mover feels the strain lasts for at least three whole months (Express).

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