How Common Are Removal Damages?

The internet is awash with funny moving fails. Some of them are genuinely amusing, and in some cases well deserved. However, when moving to a new home the situation becomes anything but a laughing matter.

Unfortunately even if every precaution has been taken sometimes accidents do happen. Having conducted thousands of removals in Yorkshire, we look at what happens if your furniture is damaged when moving home.

When a removal company carries out work, according to the law (in the UK) they must use reasonable care and skill. This ensures that items are not damaged or lost. If any losses are made, then the removal firm is liable for them. As a customer, this protects you because you can be sure that your movers aren’t just throwing boxes onto the back of a van or truck. What if items are lost or damaged?

Under the law, a trader has to take good care of possessions left under their care. If these are lost, stolen or damaged then they must compensate you, unless they can prove it wasn’t their fault. Normally, money is given to get an item repaired or replaced. Sometimes you can ask the the movers to repair or replace the item and in some cases they may offer. However, they do not have to do this.

If items need to be replaced, you might not get the full amount payed, or enough to pay for a new replacement. This is because a trader only needs to pay the value of what items were worth when they were left under their care. This takes into consideration the age of items and their condition.

Any money offered to get repairs done must be reasonable. This means that sometimes quotes should be gathered to show the removal company so a fair settlement can be reached for both parties.

Look for the BAR.

Ensure that movers are a part of the British Association of Removers (BAR), this shows that the company is willing to be held to a minimum standard of work. Members of the BAR follow minimum standards of conduct, which helps with interests such as deposit protection, legal, licensed vehicles and arbitration or free conciliation in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. This means you will be paid back if something is damaged.

Companies that do not hold themselves to BAR standards sometimes lack the funds needed to invest in vehicles. Unsuitable vans can be hazardous when on the road, and can be in breach of insurance conditions. This means if goods are damaged in loading or transit, you may not be covered!

Have you ever had to claim for damaged goods off a removal company? How did the claim go? Do you have any advice for movers? We want to hear from you, join the conversation on social media!

How common are removal damages?