Removals Services – Should I Pay a Deposit?

Here’s the problem – every removals company sets their own rules and fee structure. No two firms are the same – leaving those organising their move confused and unable to compare quotes like for like. If this sounds familiar, you may want to read our guide: Apples for Apples: Four pointers for comparing removal quotes. Then you should read on to discover whether you should pay a deposit…

The big question: Should you pay a deposit or full costs up front?

The short answer is that you should at least expect to pay a deposit, which is normally paid 5 to 7 days before the move. When it comes to paying in full, you should always be wary of a removals firm that demands full payment up front. At best, you could discover the firm you’re dealing with to be delayed in repaying your balance back should you end up not moving; and at worst, this could be a sign of a cowboy removals firm.

Advice to home buyers

If you’re buying your home, rather than moving into a rented property, there’s potential for the move date to change. There could be problems with the conveyancing that delays the chain, or a problem with your buyer’s buyer. Moral of the story? You’ll need to book your removals firm only once the exchange of contracts is complete. Yet even after the exchange there’s still a chance that your purchase could fall through – which can result in a lost removals deposit.

Whilst this is a tough cost to cover, the reason a deposit is taken is owing to the removal company’s costs that they must still pay even when the job doesn’t go ahead. The key pointer here is that any deposit taken should be reasonable.

Reputable, trustworthy removal firms will always provide you with a crystal-clear quote and full breakdown as to their charges. Just like us, actually.

If you want to look forward to high quality removals, at a fair and affordable price, grab your no-obligation removals online quote today.

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Removals Services Should I Pay a Deposit