Student – your landlord refuses to return your deposit, now what?

So you had more than a fair share of parties into the early morning. And you may have been slightly late once or twice with your rent. But other than those things, you’re pretty certain you’ve been a perfect tenant (you even transformed your student hovel into a home, by reading this blog). Yet every end of academic year, comes the tense moment when you wait to hear whether you’ll get your deposit back. Here’s what happens if it’s bad news…

1. Get a hold of the inventory

Your inventory will document everything that was in the property when you moved in, as well as photos of the property from top to bottom. Use this to tick off each item, and take photos of your own to match up with the inventory – this will demonstrate that there’s been no damage in-between the beginning and end of the tenancy. If there has been damage then you should attempt to fix it where possible, otherwise your landlord will be within their rights to withhold some or all of your deposit. Read this guide for practical tips on repairs and cleaning.

2. Put your request in writing

Write to your landlord and/or letting agent to officially request your deposit. Include all of your documentation. You may also want to state they they’ve received all rental payments in full, as this can serve as a reason for withholding your deposit.

3. If your landlord refuses to return your deposit

If your landlord doesn’t respond…

If you’ve documented everything and are completely confident that you’ve abided by all your contractual T+C’s, get in touch with your university in the first instance. It’s not uncommon for rogue landlords to try to take advantage of students who they regard as less savvy than seasoned private tenants. Having the university on your side can ensure that you’re taken seriously by your landlord. You should also have peace of mind that your deposit is protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, which ringfences deposits to protect both landlord and tenant alike. This means that you can report the non return of your deposit after 14 working days, but it may still be useful to go via the university before entering what can be a relatively lengthy process.

4. If your landlord still refuses to return your deposit…

If, after writing to your letting agent/landlord and involving the university they still refuse to pay, it’s time to contact the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

With full evidence provided of the state of the property, the contents and the payment of rent in full, the scheme will hold onto the deposit until the dispute is resolved by:

  • agreement with your landlord
  • the scheme’s dispute resolution service
  • the courts

We can’t promise you’ll get 100% of your deposit back. But we can provide an A* student removals service in York. Ready for your free, fast student removals quote? Use our two-minute quote form. Alternatively you can call Ralph, owner of Van Man York on 07931 849 112, or get in touch with the office via phone or email: 01904 375 995 |

Student your landlord refuses to return your deposit now what