Self-Loading Versus Full Removal Service: Which One Is Right for You?

Van rental or full removal service – the choice is one that you’ll need to make in good time as your property move approaches. But which is right for your unique circumstances? Here, we explain why self-loading versus a full removal service is way more than a matter of just price point.

A self-drive service is right for you if…

  • Your possessions don’t equate to many boxes (a single bedroom apartment, for example);
  • You don’t have many high value items and are confident you can move your expensive items without risk of loss or breakage;
  • You have help from plenty of friends and family and there are numerous people with good fitness to move and manoeuvre the heavier of items;
  • You have plenty of time for the move;
  • You’re happy to pay an hourly rate rather than a fixed fee.

A full removal service is right for you if you…

  • Have a large number of items to move;
  • Have left packing and planning until the very last minute;
  • Need a packaging service (this is a service that we provide as an added premium service);
  • Need insurance coverage (reputable removals companies offer Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit insurance as standard – however you should double check that this is the case before booking);
  • Are moving office premises and wish to avoid downtime (for further guidance on this topic, read our blog article: Yorkshire Office Removals – How to Plan for An Undisrupted Business).

Made your mind up as to whether self-loading or full-service removals is right for you? For our complete removal service you can get your two-minute online quote here or find out more about our self-loading removals; alternatively you can phone our team on 07931 849 112 or 01904 375 995, or email us via

Self-Loading Versus Full Removal Service Which One Is Right for You