Six Things No One Ever Tells You About Home Ownership

You’ve finally purchased your own home – congratulations! You’re no longer dealing with a grumpy landlord or even grumpier parents. That said, you do wish that you were told these six things before you collected those keys.

1. Paperwork – You Need It, All (and A Basement to Store It In)

Who knew that in the digital age you needed to hold onto every last piece of paperwork, ever? Payslips? Bank statements? Insurance, mortgage, TV, Water – where will it ever end?!

2. That Ikea Showroom Style Lounge is Going to Have to Wait

The finances are rather tight post-deposit. You’re just going to have buy that dreamy Ikea lounge bit by bit. Starting with the coasters.

3. You Are Rapidly Morphing into Your Mom and Dad

Bills. They make you grow up, fast. And you’re beginning to fully appreciate the need for the boring stuff, like insurance and budgeting. Next stop? Pipe and slippers in front of the fire.

4. You’ve Upgraded Your Home. But Along With, has Come a HUGE Hike in Bills.

Admit it, your parents told you about how the bills jump up with each bedroom you add, and when you go from terraced to semi, semi to detached, how the water rates will hit you, hard (like £160 a year in a three-bed terrace, to £562 in a 4 bed detached, hard). “Yikes” is all we have to say about that.

5. Ohhhh the Pressure!

Home ownership is exciting, wonderful and filled with future possibilities. It’s also seriously stressful (losing your home and thousands of pounds is quite the stressor compared with your landlord simply being a bit miffed about the odd late payment).

6. You’ll Grow Out of Your First Home Super Quickly

Wow, moving is expensive – the conveyancing fees, deposit, stamp duty and valuation fee. Trouble is, you’ll likely grow out of your starter home far sooner than you’d like. And then it’s time to start allll over again! But fear not, recent research suggests that you only need to stay put for 4.2 years before making a small profit and being able to move on to a bigger and better place.

Did you stumble across these homeowner secrets before making the big move? If so, you’re not only enlightened, you’re in good time to book in with our pro removals team. Let’s discuss your move.

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