Pop the champagne corks – Six tips for a moving in party

Well, you’ve only gone and done it – you’ve managed what once felt impossible and finally unpacked the final box. Now? There’s nothing else for it. It’s time to party (let’s face it… you’ve earned it!). Here’s our guide for throwing an awesome (and well-deserved) house-warming party.

Settle on a party style

What’s it to be – informal and fun, or fancy with Michelin Star worthy food? House warmings can take any form you choose, from outrageous fancy dress themes (may we suggest Beetlejuice, Mrs Doubtfire, Psycho or Home Alone), to sit down dinners with a posh black-tie dress code.

And speaking of food, any good party needs good food (whether it’s a buffet to tuck into to soak up the bubbles, or a ‘Come Dine with Me’ style three-course meal).

Send out your (fabulous) invites WELL in advance

Once you’ve decided on a theme and wrote a list for the food and drink, it’s time to let the world know about your upcoming shindig. It’s advisable that you send your invites a few weeks in advance. They don’t have to be in paper form, but if they are, you may want to check out Vista Print. 

However you send your invites, you will need a reliable way of judging numbers if you’re going to buy the right amount of food and drink.

Think about seating arrangements

If you’ve moved into a bigger property you may well be imagining a party where there’s more than enough seats, space and dining places for everyone. But come the evening, you could find that your mind has well and truly overestimated. 

Always have a failsafe plan for seating and eating (think throws, pillows and beanbags for the floor, and trays for tucking into food).

Show off (just a little) with strategically placed food and drink

Brought your property for that stunning countryside view? Then that window is the perfect place for your buffet table. Fell in love (immediately) with the period feature alcove? Ideal for the drinks table. Yes you’re celebrating with friends, but hey, what’s the harm in showing your nearest and dearest exactly why you made the move in the first place?

Get the bathroom WELL stocked up

The bathroom is a busy place during a party, so make sure you have extra hand wash and loo rolls.

Put together an atmosphere-fitting playlist

What mood are you aiming for here? Nail that down and then put together your custom playlist.

Let the neighbours know (and maybe invite them too)

Having an all-night rave is probably not going to set you off on the right foot with your new neighbours. So keep it classy, and think about sending them an invite too.

Break out your best glasses (presuming they’ve made it intact ALLL the way to your new home). And if you’re in the midst of STILL planning the less fun task of actually reaching your destination, we’re right here and ready to move.

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