Small House Move Mistakes That Could Cost You

Moving – it might be stressful, but it’s pretty straightforward, right? Just a matter of packing up your belongings on mass and a frantic day ahead. Well, unfortunately there are some common errors that movers make that result in unexpected outgoings, delays or both. Here’s what to avoid when it’s time to say goodbye to your old property once and for all.

1. Mistake number one: The van arrives (and you wonder whether this tiny van operates like a Tardis inside)

You should always ensure that the removals firm you use has visited your home to appreciate the size of the task at hand; should they not have (relying instead on your guesstimates) you could find yourself paying over the odds for multiple trips back and forth.

You may also want to think about decluttering – here’s our guide for decluttering and making a bob or two in the process.

2. Mistake number two: You’ve not unhooked your dishwasher or washing machine

Whether using a removals firm or otherwise, you need to prepare your white goods, in good time – that means that you unhook your dishwasher and washing machine, as well as your cooker, fridge and freezer. If you’re lacking in any semblance of DIY skills, ask your removals company whether they have an added service for this task.

3. Mistake number three: Stumping up some unexpected cash after your possessions have been loaded

Any professional removals firm will always provide a fixed quote before the day. Unless the items have been underestimated, this is all that you should pay – be sure to double check your contract before move day and confirm that everything is included.

4. Mistake number four: You don’t have a food and drink box

Moving day is stressful, exhausting and fraught with nerves – you’re going to need a lot of tea and plenty of food. So don’t pack away the critical items that you’ll need in some unlabelled box somewhere.

5. Mistake number five: Packing yourself when using a removals company

A removals company should have insurance to cover your belongings; however, this policy (known as Goods in Transit) is only applicable where the removals team has packed for you. That said, this form of insurance only provides for limited losses and pay-outs, and so you really need to get in touch with your own insurance provider to check whether removals are covered (thankfully, research by Go Compare found that as many as four out of five insurers do provide an adequate insurance safety net). Should you check your policy and find that all is well, you still need to remember that the coverage is, again, only applicable where the removals team have packed for you (but hey, at least you have yourself an excuse to avoid the packing – which has to be a good thing, right?).

Don’t make a misstep with your house move – do away with the potential for mistakes that could make your move more stressful. Our team can look after your York house move at a price that’s likely far more affordable than you may have imagined. Use our quick online quote tool for your York home move or find out more about our York home removals; alternatively you can phone our team on 07931 849 112 or 01904 375 995, or email us via

Small House Move Mistakes That Could Cost You