Starting your new life after a big move

It’s common knowledge that moving is the third most stressful life event following divorce and bereavement, and so it’s not so surprising that we get wrapped up in the preparation of a move. Yet beyond the boxes and the move day checklist, there’s something important that often gets overlooked – and that’s planning for the fresh start after move day. Here we look at some of the things you might consider as you get ready for the

Learn about the local amenities

Shops, transport links, parks, schools and hospitals should all be down on your list of things to research when moving to a new area. You should either put together a pack with information in (until you remember it all off by heart) or go 21st century – and use the ‘Around me’ app for iOS and Android.

Research community groups and events

The local paper is likely the best source of information for local groups and events (such as playgroups, fitness classes and community watch meetings), so take a trip to your new area and buy a paper (and whilst you’re there you may want to visit some of the local parks that you’ve discovered after following the tip above).

Check out online groups to reach out to locals

Moving can be a daunting prospect – especially when you don’t know anyone in the local area. Thankfully the internet today can help you largely overcome this problem. Explore Facebook groups linked to your locality and interests – such as your hobbies.

Research local news and blogs

In the months before your move get a feel for your new area by frequently reading the local news, travel guides and any blogs from people living in the area.

Got a dog? Then you’ve got a friend… and a way to make friends

Dogs can be the ultimate way of meeting people – there’s something about them that just breaks down the barriers of potential awkwardness. So, take your dog on a few walks around the neighbourhood (chances are, after a stressful move, your dog will thank you for it too!).

Get to know your neighbours

It’s a sad fact that 51% of us don’t know our neighbours first names (The Independent). So try to get off to a good start with your neighbours by calling around to ask them about the local neighbourhood, restaurants or schools. This can be a natural way to help break the ice.

Moved for a new job? Invite your colleagues out to lunch or dinner

We spend most of our lives at work – and so it makes sense that in adult life most our friends are made through our jobs. If you’ve moved for a new career, why not invite your colleagues out for an informal lunch or for a few drinks after 5pm?

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Starting your new life after a big move