Moving Tips For University Students

September will see thousands of students up and down the country start their studies again. The inevitable start of the school year means many will be moving to a new home. For some students this will be the second or even third home of their university experience. Having dealt with more student moves than we can count, we list our top tips to help make any university property move as easy and stress free as possible…

Bring your own cleaning products

At university cleaning products are like gold dust. You think that other people will bring their own, but they don’t – no matter how many people you share with.

Heavy duty bin bags are an essential, unless you want to be the one to empty the bin all the time. Ensure that they are heavy duty. Fresher’s, you will soon find out why! When it comes to other cleaning products, bring what you want. Just know that unless you hide them, they will go missing.

Boxes are your friend

Invest in new boxes before each move. Between moves boxes are left to collect dust in various parts of accommodation. Not only can they get wet – the worse the box, the higher chance of your things being damaged. Using boxes means that you don’t have to rush around at the last moment, meaning you have to dig into the carrier bag of carrier bags that can be found in every home.

Boxes are also easier to transport. More can fit into a box, and on moving day having an organised stack of boxes saves time and effort. After all, we all know how flimsy some plastic bags can be. PS: Boxes are recyclable, unlike carrier/bin bags.

Be prepared for more than one journey

This may not apply to freshers, however by the time you are well into your degree, you will be shocked at just how much stuff you have collected. It will probably be more than you came with, but not quite hoarding. At times there can be two or more journeys, unless you have a large vehicle or have someone move for you.

Throw some stuff away

Be sure to ask yourself whether you need that box of old club wristbands. University means that a lot of stuff will be collected. Freebie fares are everywhere – sometimes there is even free pizza – so you’ll likely end up with a lot of junk you don’t need to carry around with you.

Throwing some stuff away makes moves quicker and less labour intensive, which at times can be a blessing. Especially if there are lots of people moving on the same day.

Have a system

Student rooms can be small. Having a system makes moves a lot smoother. Create a chain of people to pass along belongings, or assign roles. A good team is only as good as its weakest member.

Do you have any tip for making a university move? Or house moves in York generally? Share them with us on social media!

moving tips for uni students