The Artform that is Box Labelling

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve arrived with our clients’ belongings to a new home where chaos quickly ensues. What’s packed in those label-less boxes? Which one should be destined for which room?

Do yourself a favour – avoid this logistical nightmare upon arrival, with the following simple strategy for labelling your boxes.

Use a Set Colour for Each Room

Create a colour scheme, so that each of the rooms has a different colour. For example…

Red – Bathroom

Purple – Kids bedroom

Green – Garden

Pink – Sitting Room

Blue – Kitchen

… And so on. Make sure the coloured stickers feature on the top of each box, as well as two of the sides, so you can see instantly where the box should be placed. You should also print off the list of colours/rooms and hand it to your family members and your removals team.

Create an Inventory

This one can seem a tedious task, however it’s also a necessary one if you don’t want plenty of items to be lost along your moving day way.

List out all of your belongings and number your boxes, then create a list as to what has gone into where. Finally, tick each box off as they arrive at your new home.

“Box number three – Bathroom – Towels, Toilet Brush, Toilet Rolls” – For example.

Clearly Mark the Boxes that Contain Fragile Items

Take care of the items that could break on your travels by marking the boxes that hold them as “Fragile”. This is important for both you, as well as your removals firm if you’re using one.

Put Together an “Unpack First” Box

This box should include all of the things you’ll need immediately – such as a kettle, tea, coffee, milk, pots, pans, food and clothes for the coming few days and toiletries.

Don’t Rush

We won’t lie, putting together an inventory, colour scheme and organising your “unpack first” box is going to take time – no two ways about it. However, it’s almost certainly worth the effort. If you’re getting frustrated with the process, think about this – on an average day, lost items cost us ten minutes, and when you’re talking about a move, you could easily multiple this by five.

Our removal professionals love labels, and will make sure to stick, steadfastly, to your colour scheme – delivering each box to its correct room without fail. Ready to talk about it? Call our team – 07931 849 112 | 01904 375 995 | Get your removals quote online |

Box Labelling