Small but Perfectly Formed – The Beauty of Downsizing

Do you ever look around your home and note that it feels cavernous? This is a common issue for owners and renters of larger properties. Lifestyles change, people move on, and a house that was once a hub of activity can now appear to echo with every footstep.

If a large, empty home is starting to get you down, there is no need to suffer. Downsizing is a great decision for many, packed with advantages. It’s not for everybody – some simply cannot countenance living in a smaller space and sacrificing belongings. For many, however, downsizing leads to vastly inflated quality of life.

Reduced Expense

By far the greatest advantage of downsizing is the financial boon it provides. If you are selling a property and buying a smaller alternative, you’re sure to have equity left over. You may even be able to avoid paying stamp duty on your new property. Even if you’re renting, the monthly payments will likely be much smaller. These savings cover more than just the property, too. Smaller properties will likely lead to a drop in the council tax band. This means you’ll be paying less to your local authority. A small space uses less power and heats faster, meaning you’ll save money on your utility bills. Even your insurance policy prices will plummet

If you’re looking to save money on accommodation, downsizing is usually a failsafe. There will always be a market for larger properties. If you no longer have any need for the excessive space in your home, why not relinquish it and spend your savings on something that really matters to you?

Low Maintenance

Another great advantage of small properties is that they are considerably lower maintenance than their larger counterparts. It’s simple mathematics, really. The less space you have, the less space you need to clean. Equally, the fewer facilities at your disposal, the less can go wrong.

Let’s use cleaning as an example. In a larger property, you likely spend hours vacuuming, dusting and polishing every surface. Out of habit you doubtless clean spare rooms too, changing bedding and sprucing up. That doesn’t even consider the potential for a large garden that requires constant attention. In smaller properties, you’ll find that your cleaning is done in a matter of minutes. This leaves the rest of your day as your own.

As discussed, smaller homes also heat up and cool down far faster than larger alternatives. You’ll be grateful for this during the winter. You’ll be cosy and toasty within a few minutes of returning home. No more shivering and wrapping in layers for an hour, waiting for heat to rise and finally benefit you. This temperature will also be retained for longer, meaning you can switch off the central heating before long.

A Quiet Life

Downsizing can also lead to a quieter life – ideal for when you’re looking to slow down and enjoy some time to yourself. After all, if you’re living in a smaller space, you will no longer be expected to cater gatherings and get-togethers.

That may sound like a bad thing. If you’re used to playing the host’s role with the most, you may rue the lack of opportunity to lead festivities. Is it not a nice idea to pass the responsibility on, though? To be the guest for a change?

It’s a universal truth that people with larger homes are expected to host major occasions. It just makes more sense. Larger homes equal bigger kitchens and more spacious living spaces.

Be honest, though. When Christmas Day arrives and you’re seated at somebody else’s table, waiting to be served a slice of turkey instead of wrestling with the bird for weeks, will you not permit yourself even the smallest of wry smiles?

Creative Challenges

Moving into a small home can be great fun, if only for the creative challenge that it presents. How can you turn a small shell into a perfectly formed home? You’ll need to think outside the box and find a variety of ways to make the most of the space that you have.

In doing so, you’ll be able to turn a house into a home. Small spaces, in particular, require a personal touch. You may add a dramatically colourful piece of furniture here, or an eye-catching piece of art there. You can also create bespoke shelving to make a genuinely one-of-a-kind space, proving that small is indeed beautiful.

Embracing Minimalism

Downsizing is also a chance to embrace minimalism in the way that you live. Few things are better for the soul than a purge of unnecessary possessions. You’ll even save money on house removals by hiring a smaller van too!

In a small space, you only have so much room. In a larger home, you’re likely to be compelled to fill every square inch with stuff. A big-screen TV fills the back wall. A collection of plates to commemorate a Royal Wedding. A bookshelf stuffed with paperbacks that you picked up from the charity shop so it didn’t look bare. A drink’s cabinet that hasn’t been touched since Auntie Margaret had one too many sweet sherries at the last family gathering.

If you downsize to a smaller space, you’ll only have room for what you actually need. More importantly, you’ll likely find that you have room for what you actually want. Humans are resourceful. If we feel that we’ll benefit from having something in our lives, we’ll make room for it. Anything else is just set dressing and is often redundant.

This can be a great way to test if you’re ready for downsizing. Go through your home and ask yourself a simple question when you look at anything in the property. “Have I used this in the last year, and would I notice if it was gone?”

If you answer no to those questions, you may well be ready to contemplate a downsizing journey – and to enjoy all the benefits that come with this.