The Elderly – Making their House Move Super Smooth

Study after study consistently finds that moving gets tougher with age. Uncertainty, overwhelming tasks and leaving behind a loving home of happy memories must be met with care, patience and consideration. These three elements form a firm foundation when it comes to helping your elderly friend or family member move.

Be Understanding

In our younger years, moving can be a positive step, as we move onto promising pastures new for education, a new job or a new home for a growing family. In contrast, moving when older often brings nothing but sadness, as they leave behind a home they’ve known and loved for many years.

Action point: Acknowledge their feelings of sadness, but encourage them in being positive about the move and the benefits of their new home (especially if they’re moving into a retirement home). You may also want to read our guide on Overcoming the Stress of a Home Move.

Allow Plenty Of Time

Preparing the mind for a move is every bit as important as preparing the logistics. You should also understand that moving an elderly person will likely take longer than moving a young family.

Action point: Make moving easier for everyone, with a moving day checklist. This not only aids organisation, but can help your friend or family member in knowing what will happen and when. We created The Ultimate House Move Checklist to list out every step and ‘To Do’ for moving.

Don’t Take Control

Remember and remind your loved one that they are ultimately in charge. Don’t instruct them as to what, if anything, needs to be thrown out, or what timescales must be adhered to. Consult them every step of the way.

Get in Touch with Those Who Need to Know About the Move

Get in touch with everyone that needs to know about the move, this includes:

  • Utilities
  • Royal mail (for a redirect)
  • Friends, family and acquaintances
  • GP
  • Other medical service providers
  • The Council

Cut the clutter

Prior to packing up, aim to declutter the rooms by donating or selling any old and unused items.

Action point: Bear in mind that your loved one will need their creature comforts around them in their new home, so they may not want to relinquish any of their personal items pre-move day. If they seem resistant to decluttering, wait until after the move, when they may be able to see that there’s simply not enough room for all of their personal belongings.

At Van Man York, we’re well versed on how tough a home move can be for those in their later years. Often, we serve as the perfect team with family or friends who provide the emotional support needed, while we offer the brawn and moving pro know-how. To find out more about our domestic moving service, get in touch with our team.

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