The Unspoken Rules of Home Removals

In order for any mover/home removal team relationship to be successful, there are a few unspoken rules that guarantee a smoother move – here we summarise the secret keys to success between us and our clients.

Number one: It’s going to be stressful

You’ve made the wise choice of using a removals company to help with you move, however this doesn’t replace the stress of moving entirely. It’s simply unavoidable – but we’ll try to make sure your day goes as well as possible.

Number two: Your removals teams can’t be held to account if you haven’t packed well

Packing your belongings properly is vital if your items are to make it safely to your new home (we’ve written about perfect box packing in previous blog). If you’d prefer us to handle all of your packing, you can add this on as an extra service.

Number three: If you live in a dark home, with dimly lit rooms and dark furniture, you’ll likely discover scratches you hadn’t noticed once you reach your new, bright and breezy home

This problem is more common an occurrence than you may think; our team always ensure that any furniture we move is properly protected before transporting it. Our advice here is to inspect your items thoroughly before moving, so you can discover any damage that had previously gone unnoticed.

Number four: If you paint your walls just before your removals team arrives, you’re risking streaky furniture

Freshly painted walls are typically seen where our clients are moving from a rented property, as they are required to ensure the property meets certain standards to get their deposit back. However our team (or any other removals team, for that matter) are unable to guarantee that your furniture will make it out streak free in this instance (for tips on avoiding this situation, read our guide – Tenants: Must Read Tips for Getting That Deposit Back).

Number five: You need to unplug, un-plumb and disconnect white goods – your removals team aren’t legally allowed to touch them otherwise

Our team are not legally allowed to undertake any electrical or gas work – we’re not qualified to do so, nor is this included in the price. You’ll need a qualified professional for each of these tasks.

Number six: Bad weather can result in muddy floors

Given the infamous British weather and the fact that it could rain at any moment in time (winter or summer), it’s advisable that you have dust covers to throw down, especially during the winter. The footprints in your nice new home will likely be appreciated otherwise.

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The Unspoken Rules Of Home Removals