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Van Man York Offers Courier Services Alongside Home and Furniture Removals


Updated 10/08/2020 – While house removals will always be Van Man York’s main business, we also act as a courier. You can invest in bulky items without concern by utilizing this service.


Van Man York is renowned throughout the county for our house and furniture removal services. We’d say with good reason, as we’re the best in the business, but we’re probably biased. You can check to our testimonies from happy customers to confirm that we walk the walk as well as talk the talk, though.


There’s nothing thing you may not know about Van Man York. In addition to our expertise in house moves, we also offer a courier services with competitive pricing and the friendliest customer care imaginable. Our courier man with van services are a hugely popular part of our offering, and we believe we know exactly why.


Van Man Courier on a Budget

It seems that, no matter what year we’re living in, we’re never far from a financial crisis. Back in 2008, which seems a long time ago now, the world experienced the global financial recession as a result of the banking crisis. Many of us had to tighten our belts and luxuries that we took for granted were no longer affordable. Slowly but surely, it appeared that we were pulling our way out of these dark times. Either that, or we all learned to be a little more frugal and adept at finding a good bargain by nature!

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Either way, we’re now facing another international economic struggle thanks to COVID-19. The pandemic is having an impact on the housing market, and we’re all facing fewer options as to how to send and receive goods. The high street is becoming an increasingly intimidating prospect, and Royal Mail is overwhelmed. This has led to a rise in the use of courier services, such as Yodel, Hermes or DPD.

That’s great – we’re glad that some business are still managing to flourish and that people can still pick up work. All the same, we still feel like there is room for another option. We can fill that void for customers looking to save money by hiring a local man with a van service to pick up purchases.

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If you’ve invested in a substantial item from Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or eBay and are staring at an eye-watering courier bill from one of the big boys, ask Van Man York for a quote. We’ll be glad to assist and offer the most competitive courier delivery prices in the York area.

We’ve cut our courier and home removal van prices to help people stick to a budget, and we’ve always sought solutions that cost the customer less. We can even pack your delivery items or removal boxes while you are at work, so you don’t lose money by taking time out for your house move or delivery.

Reliable Courier Deliveries at Reasonable Prices

We have been preparing for this surge in need for some time. We’ve watched as families have traded in SUVs for sedans to cut down on fuel or become a one car family instead of two. Perhaps most of all, we’ve seen people downsizing their homes. In doing so, they need to part with treasured possessions that will no longer fit into a smaller property. Thankfully, there will always be people look to purchase what no longer serves you.

Use of online selling portals like eBay has soared in recent years despite the recession, as people have realised that sourcing used bargains saves money. Instead of buying new sofas, beds and other furniture, people are seeking out cheaper deals. The cheapest option is always a local pickup, but after the downsizing of cars, many don’t have the space or facilities to collect these bargains themselves.

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That’s where our man with van services come in. We’ll offer another bargain to add to the one you’ve already gained. We use the smallest vehicle to cut our costs on fuel and pass the incredible savings directly to you – on top of our already-reasonable base rates. We’re regularly seen travelling up the A64 as we go to pick up another bed and bring it home to York, so you may have already seen us at work.

We also offer commercial services for those that sell online. In fact, we have a range of options that can offer your customers more, giving a delivery service that’s reliable, friendly and doesn’t cost the earth. If you run an online business that involves frequent deliveries of large or bulky items, we strongly recommend getting in touch for a chat.

Our Courier Service is Tailored to Your Needs

Our services are completely insured to protect anything that we move, but that policy is more for peace or mind than necessity. We treat every item with the utmost respect and have never needed to launch a claim following damages to a delivery.

As we’re open 24/7 we’re often called upon to deliver on weekends, which is fine by us. This is more convenient for many customers, whether delivering or receiving an item, and our priority is making your life easier. Unlike the Royal Mail, we understand that many of you work 9-5, whether at home or in the office.

Online shopping or selling is usually done in your free time. That’s why our weekend services ensure you can deliver and receive at a time to suit both parties. You can have your new furniture at your door on a Sunday morning and fully in use by Sunday afternoon. Eat your heart out, Amazon Prime.

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Another advantage of the Van Man York courier service is we have barely any restrictions on the items we can collect or deliver. Our fleet is based in York and we have many different sizes of local courier vans to meet any requirements, but remember, we’re happy to travel further afield where necessary. We remain confident that our services will stack up favourably to a traditional, courier-only business, and we won’t make the sender jump through countless corporate hoops.

No matter why you need a man with a van in York or throughout the UK, call us to discuss our prices and take back control today. You can shop confidently knowing reliable help is on hand, providing you access to all of the bargains you thought were out of reach.

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