When Should I Contact Moving Companies?

Moving home, whether you’re buying a place or renting, requires some serious organisational skills. There are loads of things to remember from taking meter readings and terminating services to arranging for utilities to be turned on in the new property, packing, mail forwarding and of course, actually moving possessions safely from A to B.

Having a professional moving company will make this much more manageable but how long before a move should a moving company be contacted?

The answer depends on a number of factors. Firstly, distance is key. If your move is across the country or to an overseas destination, a general rule of thumb is to contact your York removals team at least a couple of months sooner than you would if you were moving across town or within an hour or two’s drive.

The amount of possessions you’ll need your man and van York to move also plays a part. If there are a lot of items to move a larger van will be needed which will require booking ahead to guarantee availability.

If storage is required, it is worth contacting your removal firm slightly earlier because arrangements will need to be made and there is no guarantee that this will be a quick process.
Generally, a removals team should always be contacted at least a month before the move. Even if there isn’t an exact date, giving an idea of the time will be enough for most moving companies to provisionally schedule the move in.

Questions to Ask the Mover

When contacting a mover there is a lot more to ask than simply enquiring when they will be available. These questions range from the type of insurance to the estimated time needed to move. Here are seven of the most important questions that should be asked before booking a York removals company.
What is the total insurable value under your policy?

  1. How much experience in moving does your company have?
  2. Will you be doing a site visit in order to provide an accurate quote?
  3. How do you prevent damage to larger items?
  4. Who will handle complaints or damage claims?
  5. Are there any extra services you will charge for?
  6. What if you arrive before I arrive at the property?

These questions will provide a better understanding of the moving process and will provide more detail about exactly what is covered in the quote. Asking these will also provide peace of mind should anything go wrong with the move.

Are you planning on moving home? No matter where you are moving in the country contact Van Man York for a reliable moving service.

when should I contact moving companies?