It’s good to talk – Who to notify when you move

Just when you thought you had it all under control, with the removals firm booked, the solicitor set to go and the cleaners ready to give your property a quick once over, you realise that you’ve not yet let any of the many businesses you use know about your move. Fret not, here we run through every company you’ll need to get in touch with (with a tip later on for buying some time if you’ve left it too late).

Services/ Utility Companies

  1. Insurance companies – By phone
  2. TV, phone and internet providers – By phone
  3. Gas, water and electricity – By phone
  4. TV Licensing – Online

Financial Services

  1. Banking – By phone/in person
  2. Loans and Debts – By phone
  3. Hire purchase/Buy now pay later/store cars – By phone/online


  1. Doctors/Healthcare professionals – By phone/in person
  2. Your employer – In person
  3. Other contacts
  4. Driving Licence & Vehicle Registration – Online
  5. Electoral Register – Online
  6. Organ donation – Online

Royal Mail – Setting up your redirection

It’s safe to say that you’ve probably of got plenty of phone calls to make and emails to send. If you’re moving sooner rather than later you can ensure that you still get your bills whilst working through your list by setting up a Royal Mail redirection (which can cost as little as £5.25 per month, with options to redirect your mail for 3, 6 or 12 months).

Feeling super organised for your move? Go you – if you wish to make your move even easier, then you may want to put a price on professional removal services. For a free quote, call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can.