Corporate Responsibility

If you have visited other areas of our website you will be aware that we do have a very strong work ethic along with an ethos of excellent customer care. This also infiltrates our corporate responsibility as we understand we have a duty to ensure best practice at all times.

Van Man York has strict principles which determine how we treat our staff, colleagues, the York community, customers and other linked businesses we have connections with.

Our Removal Principles

We began with a clear vision many years ago. At the time there wasn’t a name for the ethos we followed but now it is known as corporate responsibility. This is a plethora of principles that combine to create a list of rules we follow to ensure we make a positive impact only wherever we go.

Honesty and Integrity

We always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We make our prices completely transparent and do not hide extras or nasty surprises. We encourage anyone who has an association with Van Man York to do the same. Even when we know our honesty may give us a disadvantage against those a little less honest than ourselves we still follow this principle as standard.

Best Practice

We always endeavour to go beyond the book when dealing with our customers as we do want to be the best removal company in York. We will always adapt and change to enhance the customer experience while taking any feedback on board.

Eco Friendly Removals

We do our best to ensure we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, this includes practices such as:

  • Never using a vehicle that has wasted capacity on a move, thus cutting carbon emissions from fuel .
  • Always disposing of any waste or unwanted items in the most environmentally friendly way
  • Saving on paper by switching to paperless billing Employee Relations

We always treat our employees with the respect they deserve and ensure they enjoy being part of the Van Man York team while not being shy of hard work.

York Community

We are an active member of the local community and will always get involved in the latest campaigns and endeavours when we can. We recommend small local businesses while upholding the solid reputation of small businesses in York.

Corporate Responsibility