Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re ready to move house or have other York removals requirements, you may well have a few questions. Here we have provided the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our Van hire and removal customers.

If there is anything else you need to know, do not hesitate to get in touch on 07931 849 112 or by using our detailed quote form on the contact page. Thank you for enquiring with Van Man York – we look forward to helping you with the big move!

How Do I Know What Van I Need?

You don’t need to know what van you need, we have a wealth of experience and will choose the best one to suit you. We will never choose a vehicle that has too much capacity as we want to keep your costs as low as possible. A larger vehicle takes more fuel and is obviously more expensive so we’ll always choose the perfect fit for your move.

Your Name is Van Man York, Does This Mean You Are Only One Man and a Van?

We indeed start as one man and a van but we’ve come a long way from that. Now we have a fleet of vehicles and many removal men that make up the entire Van Man York team. You can find out more in the About Us section, however we do still offer the man and a van services in York which allows us to take on any job, big or small.

If you need a single piano moving or a whole five bedroomed house you’ll find what you need with Van Man York.

If you live locally you will be familiar with our vans whizzing up and down the A64!

What Do I Do If I Need to Cancel?

We understand that occasionally there may be circumstances beyond your control which mean you have to cancel a move. These can be anything from lost keys to a failure to complete. We have a very fair policy where cancellations are concerned and we try to ensure you don’t incur any extra costs. See our cancellation policy here for more details.

How Do I Claim on Your Insurance?

Our insurance covers any breakages that may happen in transit. As yet no customer has ever felt the need to claim. We want to make it easy for you though should the worst happen. This is why we urge you to check your items as we unpack. All it takes is for you to open a box and have a quick scan. If you let us know while we are on the property, physically, we can see any damage for ourselves which will really help.

The longer you leave it the harder it is for us to claim on our insurance as the insurance company will question whether the accident happened as a result of yourselves.

My Move May Take Longer Than 1 Day What Should I Do?

There are a lot of moves that take longer than one day, especially if you’re moving house from York to somewhere else in the UK. As we like to allocate a day for packing and unpacking, this often leaves little time left for travelling. In these instances we’ll pack on day one. Travel half way to your new home or business and stay somewhere overnight. We’ll also ensure your belongings are kept completely secure. Then we’ll meet you at your new property early in the morning ready to unpack so we can finish before nightfall, leaving you to enjoy your new home. We’ll factor everything in to our quote but we won’t charge for hours where we’ll be sleeping despite being away from home!

Do You Supply Boxes?

We don’t as a general rule supply boxes but as we are local York residents we do have many suggestions for where you can easily source new and used boxes for your move.

If I Helped with the Move Would It Affect Your Insurance?

We like it if you help us with the lifting and it won’t affect our insurance. Your home contents insurance covers your belongings while they are still on your property whereas our insurance covers your possessions once they are on our vans, in our hands.

Can You Move Two Students Together?

We understand that students have a very limited budget and need to save money wherever they can. This is why we actually recommend a student teams up with a friend to split the cost and to use the full potential of the van.

How Do You Work Out a Quote?

We have been operating as a removal company in York for many years now. We work out how many vans you’ll need and the hours it will take us to load, along with the hands we’ll need on the day.

Our quotes are always more affordable than any like for like service as we make sure they are completely bespoke to you.

Parking Near My Property is For Residents Only, What Should I Do?

We understand that in the city of York there are parking restrictions. We do state in our terms and conditions that you are responsible for arranging and paying for any parking we may need. This is because it is much easier for you to request a parking pass for a visitor, as a resident, than it is for us. It’s also cheaper for you to do so too. Please do make sure that we have the right parking permit for the day of the move as we can’t move you without it.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a wide range of removal services including moving house, delivery and courier vans. Customers can simply hire a man with a van, or if the job requires it, they can hire a fleet with a full team of experienced, strong removal men. For a small extra cost we can also help you with packing away your furniture and belongings as well as cleaning services. We move residential customers, businesses and students. We can even help bands transport their equipment and instruments from gig to gig - details.

Do You Need to Visit?

Although we ask for an inventory if you’re moving house locally in York we do like to visit. This is so we can visualise the space we may need to help you move house. Often, our customers will under or overestimate the van capacity they need on the day and this can cause you an unnecessary headache. We’d much rather make sure everything is in place for a completely stress free move, so when we turn up on the day of the move we know we have everything we need.

This attention to detail also helps us to create bespoke quotes that save you money to the nearest penny as we work out exactly how many hours you may need us for.

What Happens If Something Breaks In Transit?

We know what we’re doing; we know the best way to stack and pack things in our van to avoid items moving during the journey and how to wrap valuables and other items to protect them as much as possible while on the move. Our removal vehicles are carpeted and clean and if you follow our advice on being prepared then your things should be perfectly safe while in transit even if you're moving right across the country or having items delivered abroad. That said, on very rare occasions, accidents can happen. Don’t worry though; your goods are covered by Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance so if the worst does happen, the cost of repair or replacement is covered.

My Friends Said They Can Help Me Move. Is This Ok?

Yes it is, but make sure they are strong, healthy and know exactly what they are doing! More often than not, it can be very tempting to try and save on the cost of hiring extra removal men by getting friends or family to help. Just be aware that this can backfire and can end up more expensive in the long run whether through breakages or through the amount of time taken. Trust us, it can actually work out cheaper and less stressful to hire a couple of extra York removals men to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’m Moving Out of York, Does That Matter?

No. We carry out jobs all across the UK and even Europe (click for details). Our rates are some of the cheapest around so whether you are moving just a few streets over or are heading off to start a new life in sunny Spain, we can get your possessions there quickly and cost effectively. No matter how far away you plan to move, we have the reliable removal vehicles and professional moving team to help get your goods safely to their destination.

We have moved many families overseas to Europe and enjoyed every European removal. Obviously there is a little more involved with removals such as these as we have to pass through customs and follow the foreign legalities. If you are considering a move from York to a country in Europe, please get in touch and we can discuss our methods and rates for such a move.

Where Can I Get Boxes From? Do you Provide Them?

You can buy full moving packages that include everything you need including bubble wrap and boxes or just boxes from a number of retailers including places like Ikea and Staples. Our friends at Teacrate Packaging are our company of choice. It can also be worth asking at places that tend to throw away boxes once they have used them, such as supermarkets and warehouses. If you ask nicely they might give you them for free. These boxes will usually have been broken down flat, so if you do use them, make sure they are put back together securely to avoid any breakages in transit with extra tape to keep seems in place.

I Need To Move Tomorrow. Can You Help Me?

We are one of the most active moving services the North York area. As such, our services are in high demand, especially during the months of September and June. Although we are able to carry out jobs with very little notice on some occasions, we recommend that you try and book our courier and removal vans as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We do, however, take care of urgent removals as much as possible.

How Do I Book Your Services?

It’s easy to book our removal services in York, simply request a quote through our website. As we’re usually on the job, we can’t always get to the phone but we will respond to any messages within the hour.

What Hours Do You Work?

We know that not every job is the same and that sometimes people need to move their things from place to place outside of 'normal' working hours. That's why our removal services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. We can tailor our times to suit your needs whether you need an early start or a late finish.

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