Health & Safety

Removals Health and Safety is a crucial part of our business, and at Van Man York we take it very seriously. The health and safety of you along with that of our York removals company team members is of paramount importance and so we follow a very strict code of conduct to ensure everything is packed and stacked safely; the removal van is always driven and parked correctly for safe loading and unloading of your household items and furniture.

We meet all current legislation set out by the HSE and are confident we’re doing all we can to ensure the ultimate in health and safety.

As the government calls for more removal firms to practice good health and safety in the workplace (which is, in essence, your home or business) we’re proud to know we’re already doing everything we can to comply. Just a few of the best practices we abide by include:


Lifting is a danger is the removal industry as if carried out improperly it can damage ligaments and muscles indefinitely. We have been trained to lift when carrying heavy loads in order to distribute weight evenly. Therefor if there is any lifting involved please leave it to us.

Slips and Falls

We keep the back of the van completely dry and slippage free. Every member of our team also wears suitable footwear with good grips. We do ask that you keep your home free from hazards when we move you such as wet floors and broken glass or anything that could cause a fall.

We keep an eye on any hazards that could cause slips or falls at any time such as loose electric cables.


We wear steel toe capped boots at all times so if an accident does happen we don’t break our toes. We always lean tall furniture against a wall until it is properly secured so it doesn’t fall on any passer-by.

Clearing Areas

We always ask for an area to be cleared of people should we be moving heavy items from a height, such as beds and wardrobes down the stairs.

Health and Safety

Leather gloves and safety books worn by Van Man York employees


When we arrive at your house or office we will ensure there is a clear path throughout the rooms with no obstructions. We also keep any public walkways clear from obstructions while keeping any dangerous items out of reach of small children. Everything is done to minimise the risk of accidents and tripping hazards whilst moving house.


If we are carrying something that impedes our vision we will seek assistance from another team member to be our eyes.


We wear seatbelts at all time in the vehicles and do not allow anyone to smoke. If we have a team member who does smoke, they never will on your premises or while working with us. Removal vans must be packed properly and unloaded correctly to avoid damaged items and risk of injury to indviduals.


Although we are adept at DIY we are not qualified electricians. Therefor we will not attempt to remove any lights or connected electrical appliances. Please ensure a certified electrician has removed any wall lights or fixtures you’d like to take with you before we arrive.

Hazardous Materials

If we believe there is asbestos in your home we postpone the move until an inspector can test the substance. We do not dispose of hazardous materials and urge you to organise this before the move.


If you need any old furniture recycling we will dispose of it in the safest way possible. Of course accidents happen whether you are moving house or not however we believe we can minimise any risk by upholding our strict removal health and safety policy.

Health & Safety