Band and Gig Transport

It all went right. The gig was a sell out and the crowd went wild. Now you want to celebrate, but first you have to pack all the equipment back in the van – and one of you is going to have to stick to soft drinks so they can drive. It takes the edge off the party. But now there’s an answer:

Van Man York will collect all your equipment and transport it to the venue ready and waiting for you. We don’t mind how many guitars, amps, speakers, PA systems and other band or gig equipment needs moving – we’re always happy to help get everything moved safely from the venue back to your homes, lockup or rehearsal room. Afterwards we pick up your gear, pack it carefully and take it home. All you have to do is turn up and play – and party.

Making Life Easier

Van Man York offers an alternative to expensive van hire or cramming your equipment into your mates’ cars. We do all the work while you play your gig. And we have full goods and public liability insurance – meaning there’s no need to worry about the safety of your instruments. This level of instrument delivery and transportation makes us York’s best and most competitive band service.

What About Band Members?

There are two spare seats in the van. We can take two members of the crew – band members, roadies or fans along with the kit.

Our Gig Is In a Different City: Do You Do Long Distances?

Yes. We can transport your band equipment to another city along with 2 passengers – saving you two train or coach fares. If you want everything returned on the same night, then just book out the van and driver for the whole day. If the gig is a very long way away or is likely to go on very late there are two options:

  1. Book the van for two separate days. The driver delivers the kit, drives back to York and then drives back to the gig the following day to pick up.
  2. Arrange a B&B for the driver so he can take you back the following morning, This saves on paying for diesel as the driver will be making two journeys instead of four.
  3. The Van Man York team can even be your roadies or just help out where needed, carrying the heavy load whenever required. We always treat all equipment and musical instruments with the utmost delicacy and respect, making sure everything is safely transported or carried without damage.

We’re happy with either option; you just decide which would suit you best in terms of convenience and cost.

How Much Does This Cost?

Our standard rates for a 1 Man and Van service can be found on our removals prices page. It works out at £65 for the first hour then £35 per subsequent hour on week days. Weekends cost a little more; please contact us for details.

If the gig is long distance work then there’s an added charge per mile to cover the diesel. Gigs in London, like everything in London, cost more. This is because London Transport levy a £100 a day charge to drive in their Low Emission Zones.

You can either sort this permit out yourself or leave it up to us. There may also be Congestion Charges if we need to drive in the areas covered by it. The LEZ permit or congestion charge must be paid for and arranged before we can start work.

And last but not least, you’ll need to think about the cost of a B&B charge if the driver needs to stay overnight

Do You Offer Band Discounts?

Yes we do. We like our customers to come back to us and we like to reward loyalty. Regular customers get a discount. We’re happy to discuss a customised deal with you. The more we work with you, the higher the discount.

Do You Require Band & Gig Transport Services in York?

We think our gig transport service offers a fast, efficient, friendly and cost effective way of making sure all you need to worry about is impressing the crowd. If there’s any questions about our instrument and equipment van transport service we haven’t answered please get in touch.

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Band and Gig Transport In York