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Heading to the tip? Need a heavy sofa, wardrobe or chest of drawers taken away? Perhaps you need a larger-scale overhaul to the home. If so, call on Van Man York to provide an expert house clearance service.

Home clearances are a fast-paced and turbulent process; it’s no surprise that people ask for professional help. As York’s go-to moving company, Van Man York know every step of the house clearance process.

We handle everything from:

  • Initial logistics
  • Packing clutter and junk
  • Loading into our vehicles
  • Cleaning of the property
  • Disposing of rubbish waste
  • Recycling sustain-ably

Whether you’re downsizing, clutter-clearing or settling matters after a bereavement, you can rest assured that we’ll do the job thoroughly and sensitively.

What Is A House Clearance?

A house clearance is a dedicated service that rids households of large quantities of junk. Whereas single item removals deal with one-off pieces of furniture, a house clearance tackles place over a much larger space: be that a loft, basement, spare bedroom or entire house.

This makes the process all the more time-consuming. Taking one item to the tip in your car is a different ballpark to hauling a room’s worth of junk!

Don’t think our clearance treatment is limited to four walls…we even service gardens!

clearing clutter from a garden shed

So Who Needs A House Clearance?

While less frequent than traditional removals, house clearances form a significant part of our workload. Typically, these are due to:

Clutter-Clearing: A Frequent Occurence!

Everyone can relate to a cluttered household. There comes a point where the junk builds up and you feel like turning over a fresh slate. For some, this is a long and methodical process in which items are sorted, packed and carefully sent off to the relevant places. Other times, customers just want a man and van to whisk it all away!

If you have bags or skips full of clutter, we will take it off your hands. Whether that’s a chest freezer, an old bed, an antique wardrobe or a drum kit, our team will get it whisked away safely and quickly.

That means no driving, no loading and no worrying about queues at the tip. All we ask is that you filter the recyclable materials from general waste, that way everything is kept sustainable.

Clearing A House Following A Bereavement

It’s often the case that the house of the deceased must be cleared by a fixed deadline. Needless to say, this process is loaded with emotion, nostalgia and sentimentality.

This makes diligence on our part of the highest importance. We approach our work with the utmost sensitivity; our team are courteous, professional and will do what we can to help at this difficult time.

When the bereaved live far away from the property, our trusted team can handle key collection from the probate administration, estate agent or neighbour. Keeping in close communication with the customer, we work quickly and remotely while they put affairs in order elsewhere.

Selling A Home

Folks sometimes inherit or sell a home that’s full of things they no longer want. In some cases, they’ll spend months parting with each item of furniture. Others don’t have the luxury of time and opt instead for a crack team of house clearance experts: that’s where we come in!

This service has been particularly popular for those who are downsizing. We work alongside our customers to advise on how best to shrink 5 bedrooms into 2. That means deciding what to bin and what to keep, as well as making tasteful home decor choices for that smaller, cosier space.

Needless to say, we frequently provide clearances and removals on the same day. If this is what you need, don’t be afraid to ask!

cleaning a kitchen

Landlord & Letting Agents (They Love Us!)

Smaller-scale house clearances are made prior to new tenants moving in. If previous occupiers have left behind mess and clutter, it’s our job to make the property spick and span again. We combine this with our specialist cleaning service to make sure the house is spotless and ready to be lived in again.

Help With Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding can be a serious issue that affects the friends, family and loved ones of the sufferer. There are circumstances where a professional clearance team is required to help alleviate some of the junk and debris accrued by compulsive hoarders.

Compulsive hoarders are often loathe to part with their possessions. For this reason, we are especially respectful to the process. We understand that this can be a difficult thing to deal with. We will work alongside friends, family and medical professionals to make sure the house is cleared thoroughly, but with sensitivity.

The Clutter Clearer: A Day In The Life

Our team clear all manner of junk and debris in the name of house clearances. We’ve helped customers dispose of everything from aquariums and garden play sets to newspaper collections that would fill a room! Common items include:

  • Piles of old books and magazines
  • Broken or bulky furniture
  • White goods
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Old clothes
  • Garden waste
  • Household and non-toxic waste
  • Miscellaneous clutter

removing rubbish from hoarder home

But It’s Just Junk! Why Hire The Experts?

Why turn to Van Man York when you could do it yourself? It’s a fair question. The truth is, hiring professionals for a house clearances has untold benefits. These include:

Saving You Time

Overseeing a house clearance is an enormous strain on resources, none more so than time. Some are lucky enough to have days and weeks free to do this. Others can’t spare a minute.

When you hire Van Man York, the value is twofold. First, you’re paying for a job well done. Second, you’re paying for the precious time that you don’t have.

Our team will swoop in and clear the house while you work, spend time with family or jet set elsewhere. Needless to say, we’re in our element so you can rest assured the work will be speedy.

Saving You A Headache

The circumstances surrounding a house clearance can be highly stressful, especially if you factor in bereavement or compulsive hoarding. Having to administer this yourself can be an unwanted burden.

With years of expertise in the house clearance world, Van Man York will help lift that weight off your shoulders.

tidy clean house

Responsible Rubbish Removals: Our Mission Statement

The average house in London produces an estimated 1 tonne of junk per year. It’s a staggering legacy, and one we’re keen to reduce for London’s Northern neighbours.

We try, wherever possible, to separate landfill waste from genuinely recyclable materials. Our vans arrive ready with separate containers for each category, that way we can drive away and drop things off at the relevant place: be that the tip, charity shops or the recycling centre.

We encourage our customers to join us and, wherever possible, to sort items into recyclable and non-recyclable piles.

Once our vans are loaded with clutter and driving off into the sunset, you’ll feel a great weight has been lifted!

Hiring Us? Have Total Peace Of Mind

Needless to say, we clear the house with the utmost care and accuracy to your instructions. Nothing will be thrown away without your permission, and you can cite specific items to look out for.

For peace of mind, we’ll keep in close communication and send any photos/videos for areas of the house you’re unsure about.

Mix & Match: Combine With Other Services For That ‘All-In-One’ Moving Treatment!

No two circumstances are the same. Some demand a house clearance only, whereas others need additional services, often on the same day.

Whatever your situation, know that Van Man York have a medley of services to help any customer. Consider these scenarios…

…a landlord requires a full house clearance of their student house before the new term. Meanwhile, they need a new fridge picked up and two sofas collected from the retail park. Van Man York get it all done under one service.

…an elderly relative has passed away, but their family live abroad. Van Man York are hired to clear the house and move it into safe storage at the local facility. They use Whats App, Face Time or Skype to keep in close contact with the family and keep sentimental items safe.

…you’ve bought a house on auction and need it cleared to live in. During the process, you see an old motorbike that could be repaired, valued and then sold. As well as clearing the home, we load the motorbike in our van and take it to the nearest garage. Two birds, one stone!

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