Packing and Cleaning

When moving house, flat or moving to new business premises, sometimes a little extra professional help from professional cleaners and packers means you can save more time and money – with the added bonus of a clean, tidy and professionally packed move. Our York cleaning and packing services give you this support at a fair price. With over 20 years of experience we have a full range of cleaning professionals at our desposal as well as professional packers who know the best way to avoid breakages and help everything to fit perfectly in the removals van.

York Packing Service

Van Man York are pleased to offer professional packing services. The service can be anything from 1 of our guys helping you pack some of your belongings up to a number of our staff members packing everything in your premises and unpacking again at the destination. We can pack the furniture and belongings from large Country Estates down to Semi-Detached Houses or even small Studio Flats and Apartments. What ever your requirements and budget, we are always pleased to help. The York Van Man team are always trustworthy, friendly, punctual and professional giving you complete peace of mind.

Depending on the size of the packing and/or unpacking service required, we may need to arrange a date prior to and after the removal in order to help you with this service

York Cleaning Service

We have a team of professional cleaners based in York who are always at hand to clean your premises. Whether require your old property cleaned after the removal or your new place cleaned before you move in, our cleaners have the skill and experience to carry out the necessary tasks and leave your house tidy and smelling fresh. We also offer business premises cleaning if you plan a relocation or have recently moved and just need a tidy up.

Just give us a call or drop us a line on the Contact Page and we will be happy to discuss your level of service.

Our house removals packing and cleaning team can also help landlords or those in charge of offices, commercial retail outlets or residential properties – you may need our help if renting for the first time to move furniture in or out of the premises as well as getting the property ready before new tenants move in.

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Packing & Cleaning In York