Moving Myths Debunked

Doing your homework and researching companies is crucial when choosing a a York removals service provider. Ignore anyone who tells you that all movers are the same, especially those who say they are all crooks. Researching means that you can compare services, rates and reputation.

One way to find reputable movers is by looking for the BAR. This means that the removal company is part of the British Association of Removers. Those who are a part of the BAR are dedicated to quality and hold themselves to certain standards. Researching gives you chance to make sure you do not get sucked in by a rogue trader. Hiring a company with a significant amount of experience is always a good idea.

Moves cannot be planned in advance. This means moving will be a disaster

This was a myth created by those who have obviously had a bad moving experience. Planning a move well in advance ensures that the big day will never be a disaster. The most important thing when moving is planning, all companies will tell you that. As with anything, forward planning can help to foresee problems before they become an issue so the day itself runs smoothly and efficiently. Being prepared in advance will also help save time and money.

Not all boxes are the same, so use anything

Boxes used by professionals are not all the same, they are more durable, and made of stronger cardboard ideal for heavy loads such as electrical and fragile objects. Regular boxes from a store can tear if they are overloaded, which can result in breakages and spills.

Pack everything before movers arrive

Sometimes this can make a job longer. Movers have moving services which sometimes include packing. This allows movers to supply the packing materials and do the job. After all, they are the professionals. This can be particularly important when dealing with fragile items such as china.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot do your own packing. If you would prefer to, then do so!

Movers aren’t paid until the end of the job

Probably one of the biggest moving myths, a company’s role is to move objects – manually. With many companies only getting a small deposit before arriving at a new property, many movers require full payment before unloading all items into a new home.

You have to travel with the movers

It is natural to worry about your belongings during the moving process, however, riding along with movers insinuates that you don’t trust them. It can also be a liability having someone travel with the removal company, after all they are hired to move belongings not be a taxi service.

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moving myths debunked