Urgent Removals

We offer last minute removals services for those unexpected moves. If you need to move quickly or in an emergency we can help.

We understand that there may be many reasons for your emergency move. Our job is not to pry into your business, we just need to ensure your move is as stress free as possible.

No doubt if you need last minute or emergency removals in York, you are already under a certain amount of stress. We want to help alleviate the burden with reliable, low cost last minute removals services.

We have helped many people move home in an emergency, this is usually because of:

  • Floods or potential floods
  • Natural disasters
  • A relationship breakdown
  • A family member in need
  • A landlord dispute
  • Witness protection
  • School or university expulsion
  • Live in job termination
  • Repossession

We will never question the reason for your move. We always act in a completely professional manner and will conduct ourselves impeccably. We keep everything about you completely confidential and never pass any information on to any third parties.

Emergency Removals In York

In cases of emergencies such as flash flooding we will do our best to rescue the furniture we can under the circumstances saving your belongings before the flood escalate or damp sets in.

In the case of landlord disputes we cannot get involved. We will carry out the house removal however if any of our staff are the victim of abuse we will have to terminate the job. Please see our terms and conditions.

If you need to move tonight or tomorrow please get in touch. We can’t always promise to have the availability but if we do we will be with you as soon as possible.

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Urgent Removals In York