Four Sure-Fire Signs Your Business is Ready for a Move

Let’s face it – moving your business is one big headache – a real logistical nightmare. It’s then little surprise that many businesses delay any move for as long as possible. Yet there comes a tipping point in time where commercial performance can be impacted by being increasingly squeezed into premises that’s no longer fit for purpose. If the following four signs apply to your everyday business life, it may be time to think about packing up and upgrading your business premises.

1. You’ve pushed your existing space to its limits

You’ve grown and expanded over the years, but your physical location hasn’t. Now? Your staff are resorting to all sorts of inventive solutions to their storage challenges. Yet there comes a point where admin will suffer, productivity will be impacted and staff morale will begin to slip. Whilst self-storage could help for a while, ultimately these signs point to an unavoidable move at some point in the near future.

2. Recruiting is tough

This pointer is less about physical space, and more about physical location – sure, recruiting the right talent can be impacted by cramped offices, but it’s more often affected by being in an inconvenient location that isn’t in a city-central address.

3. The facilities you lack are costing you money

You want to upgrade your equipment, yet you lack the space to do so. This restriction is costing you money in the long run – getting in the way of expanding your services and growing your profits. Another problem in a similar vein is not being conveniently located by certain local amenities. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to weigh up what your current premises is truly costing you. It’s also worth thinking about a business move as a chance for business growth, and with a little clever marketing, you can actually turn your move into a money-making scheme; just check out our blog: Six ways to make a business move profitable.

4. You’re struggling to expand your customer base

Feeling the effects of a saturated market? If you’ve hit the glass ceiling in relation to your local customer base, then it could be time to move to a more densely populated area, or an area with wider reach due to well-developed infrastructure. Of course, with any move to a more urban location usually comes a higher rental price tag, but this may be justified by the increase in potential customers.

We’ve been moving businesses across York and beyond for more than a decade. If you want to keep commercial operations running as normal, with minimal downtime and limited income loss, it might be time we talked about our York office removals service.

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Four Sure Fire Signs Your Business is Ready for a Move