Five tips for a super-fast house sale

Hoping to move onwards and upwards through the property ladder as quickly as possible? The following five tips make for essential reading if you’re hoping to save on estate agency fees and to upgrade your property sooner, rather than later.

1. Declutter – and be merciless

You’re probably moving as you’ve outgrown your home, and if you’re struggling for space the last thing you want to do is give this impression to potential buyers. We’ve put together plenty of helpful guidance on de-cluttering in our blog: Do yourself a favour and declutter.

2. Don’t be tempted to choose an estate agent that values your home at a significantly higher price as compared to other agents you’ve spoken with

Some unscrupulous estate agents will value a property far above the actual market value in order to win the business. If you’ve gained various quotes with one far and away above the others, chances are that you’re dealing with just such an agent (ideally you should seek valuations from at least three different companies).

You should also do your own research as to what similar homes in your area are currently on the market for – this can be as simple as a search on a website such as Zoopla, Prime Location or Right Move.

3. Sell the lifestyle – Not the property

When searching for a new home, it’s not the property that people necessarily focus on, but the lifestyle it can provide, such as the way they’ll use the spaces to entertain, relax and spend time with their family. This is why staging your home is essential (have you ever noticed how show homes feature a fully made-up dining table, or have a lounge with relaxing lighting and fresh flowers?).

You don’t need an interior design degree to get your staging right – check out our blog for some essential staging tips.

4. Undertake an audit of each room for small tasks that can be tackled

Home buyers pay attention to the smallest of details. That bit of plastering that needs doing? That’s added to their “To Do” list. A fresh lick of paint needed throughout? Hmm, that’ll seem like a lot of work for busy families who need a place ready to move into. Oh, and DIY tasks that demand at least some skill? Well that could wipe out an entire collection of buyers who may lack DIY skills. Overcome these issues by auditing each room and making a list of simple tasks that could add up to a lot of perceived work in the average buyer’s mind. Then get to work!

With the tips above you’ll be free to move on up the chain in no time at all. When the time comes, our York-based team of removal pros will be right there to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be right back in touch.