Put your back into it: The slipped disc-free method for moving large items

Between moving expensive tech and managing a move with a dog in tow, one of the toughest tasks you’re going to have to face on moving day is wrestling with your bulky, awkward items (that just so happen to also be 100kg). Get it wrong, and at best you face scuffed skirting boards and damaged items, and at worst, your moving day could grind to a painful halt. Here’s how to do it the right way…

Don’t do anything without a plan in place

This is the first and most important step – you need to consider the route ahead, how you’ll manhandle the item, whether you’ll break the item down at all and if you need to add some protective packaging. At this point, you could also save yourself the potential for putting your back out altogether, and leave it to the professional movers. But if you do decide to brave it alone, read on…

Four helpers to have to hand…

1. Makeshift sliders

Sliders can save you from plenty of heavy lifting. If you’re moving the item over carpet, thick plastic will do, and for laminate and wood, you’ll need some soft padded sliders.

When you do slide or push furniture, make sure you’re pushing from the bottom, this will lower the risk of tripping or falling.

2. Blankets

Blankets can be used in the place of sliders on smooth flooring, and can also help protect both your items and the walls and skirting boards from damage. Simply slip the blanket under the item so that it covers the two bottom corners, and use another blanket to do the same for the top corners.

3. Dollies

Dollies are compact square platforms that feature four wheels. These are ideal for moving heavy, awkward furniture.

4. Hand trucks

Hand trucks have just two wheels, with a smaller platform at the base. These are good for moving items such as dressers, but they aren’t ideal for shifting anything that’s heavy or especially tall, as it relies on your strength and balance to keep the item upright.

‘Watch your back’ – how to lift properly

When it comes to heavy, bulky items, you should bend at your knees and hips, using your core strength and legs to lift, rather than your back. You may also want to try something called the ‘high-low’ method. This involves two people, with one carrying an item by the top, and the other carrying the bottom. This approach is useful if you have a tall piece of furniture to shift.

If you’ve skipped gym day for the last decade and are relying on sheer luck to avoid a hernia when moving your large items, you may want to have a re-think. Our large item removals York can literally take the strain (and potential for injury) out of shifting your heavy goods. Get a price for moving your large items using our two-minute quote form, or call Ralph, owner of Van Man York on 07931 849 112 to find out how we can help.

Put your back into it The slipped disc free method for moving large items