There’s a proper way to pack and fill your self-storage. This is it.

When renting a self-storage unit, you pay for every single square inch of that space – top to bottom. So you really should be making the most of it. Forget wobbling towers of boxes or chaotic corners of piled clothes – here’s how to ensure your property is both protected, as well as packed and filled to make the most of every last centimetre).

Step one: Divide your items into categories

The last thing you need in the future is to have to root through an entire storage unit to find one item, so separate your belongings into categories, and stick a list of each box’s content onto the side of each one. If you’re short on time, a cheat tip here is to take a picture of the inside of the packed box to print it out and stick on the side instead.

Step two: Make a full inventory

If you ignore step one, do not ignore this one. An inventory is essential if you ever need to file an insurance claim – whether due to theft or natural disaster. You may also want to check what insurance the self-storage business has in place (if you’re unsure about what to expect from a self-storage company, read this blog – Self-storage: 5 giveaway signs of a cowboy company).

Step three: Don’t scrimp on packing materials

From gaffer tape to boxes, your packing materials need to be up to the task of staying strong and keeping your items secure for what could be years to come. Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Different sized boxes and/or containers (plastic containers provide for the most protection)
  • Wrapping paper/blankets and protecting items, especially fragile/delicate ones
  • Labels and sealing tape

Step four: Stack them up (but be careful what’s placed where)

Don’t overload your boxes to breaking point (particularly if they contain heavy or bulky items). For the heavier of items, use smaller boxes and place these on the bottom levels, with the lighter, larger boxes stacked on top. Don’t stack your boxes all the way up to ceiling level unless you’re certain the boxes underneath can cope with the weight. This also applies to chairs, tables or sofas – always know the weight that they can bear.

Finally, you should always make sure your boxes are fully sealed all the way round, or choose a self-storage unit that provides climate control (this protects from mould, dust and mildew).

That’s it – you’ve perfected the art of packing and filling your self-storage unit. All that’s left to do now is find the perfect self-storage in York. Which is handy, as our partners, Inner Space Stations, are just about the best in town. Find out more, on our self-storage in York page.

Theres a proper way to pack and fill your self-storage