Yorkshire Office Removals – How to Plan for an Undisrupted Business

Success in business will inevitably mean that one day, you outgrow your current premises. Many business owners delay a move as they foresee only disruption, chaos and cost – both in terms of the moving fees, as well as the time that the business may be out of action. Whilst we’ve previously written about how you can Plan an Office Relocation Step-by-Step, in this blog we want to tackle the issue of business disruption (and more importantly, how it can be avoided).

1. Take a few trips to your new location and plan well ahead

Unpacking will take time, so you need to have a plan as to which section will be set up first and what items will be required for this. Critically, you should ensure that all lines of communication remain open for your customers – phone lines, email and any other medium you use. For this task, you’ll also need to confirm with your internet and telephone providers the switching date and time.

2. Streamline your paperwork

Many businesses hold onto mountains of paperwork when there’s really no commercial or legal reason to do so. A move presents an ideal chance to take stock and ensure that your filing systems are the most streamlined, lean versions they can be.

You should also separate your paperwork in terms of what will be immediately needed and what belongs in filing.

3. Pay due diligence to choosing your removals team

The expertise and skill of your removals team are critical to a swift move – a team who arrives on time, who transport your goods safely and who help at the other end in ensuring boxes go where they ought to.

Take time to research any removals team – check online reviews, customer testimonials and consider how long the business in question has been trading.

4. Back up your computers onto an external hard drive

Better to be safe, than sorry – and this phrase is no truer than when speaking about the data stored on your computers. Whilst it’s incredibly rare for computers to become damaged in transit, it remains a possibility (no matter how remote) – so plan for this and back up your data on an external hard drive.

5. Ensure that your employees are kept in the picture

Your employees can be the difference between a seamless move, and a chaotic one. Be sure to provide them with the resources they need to play a proactive part – create a short guide to note key dates, contact numbers, advice as to how to pack desks and an overview of the new premises.

6. Communicate with your customers

Be sure that your customers know well in advance as to your move date – should anything unexpected crop up and disrupt your business getting back up and running, at least your customer base will be well aware of your move.

Don’t leave anything to chance for your office move – choose to use a reputable office removals team in York and look forward to a business that doesn’t temporarily go out of business. Grab your two-minute online quote for your office move; alternatively you can phone our team on 07931 849 112 or email us via admin@vanmanyork.co.uk.

Yorkshire Office Removals How to Plan for An Undisrupted Business