To me, to you – The Chuckle Brothers’ guide to internal office moves

They’re the iconic mullet-haired brothers who think themselves as the masters of everything (but actually muck up everything they touch). If they created a guide to internal office moves, this would be it (just to be clear, this guide is not, under any circumstances, to be taken seriously – follow this advice at your peril!!).

“Oh Dear Oh Dear” – Don’t put a plan in place

In true Chuckle Brother style, you should wing your internal office move – forget about itineraries, planning for your technology, schedule checklists and telling your customers. You’re sure everything will work out just fine. As for labelling your moving boxes? Pah! Who even needs moving boxes!

“Ooohhhh” – Break three business-critical items (at minimum)

Barry and Paul are nothing if not clumsy, so to follow their lead for your internal office move, you’re going to have to drop, bang and smash at least three essential business items – the bigger and more important the better.

The stairs, narrow hallways, doorways and lifts are all suitably tricky places to navigate, so breaking anything in these areas should be easy.

“It’s very nice isn’t it? It is very nice” – Stop for breaks every 20 minutes

Sweets, chocolate eclairs, scones with jam and cream and banana custard – these are Barry’s favourite foods (yeah, you could call us super fans!). So you’ll have to fit in breaks between breaking things at least every 20 minutes (if not sooner).

Arrive at work in a “ChuckMobile” (at least an hour late)

Not one’s for punctuality, Barry and Paul are always running late (and the foot-powered chuckle mobile doesn’t help!).

Move one item at a time

Barry’s well known for being pretty puny, those muscles simply aren’t up to much, least of all lifting heavy boxes and big pieces of office furniture. You’ll just have to take your office to the new location piece by piece. Still, at least it’s only an internal move. You should be done by this time next year.

Look, Barry and Paul might be good for a chuckle, but internal office moves are no laughing matter. Give Barry and Paul the heave-ho when it comes to your internal move. For an efficient, seamless move from office to office, our internal office removals in York can help. Alternatively, you can call Ralph, owner of Van Man York on 07931 849 112, or get in touch with the office via phone or email: 01904 375 995 |

To me to you The Chuckle Brothers guide to internal office moves