Five things to learn from Germans who move house

When you’re saying “auf wiederzehn, pet” to your old house and packing up for your new property, you could do worse than to act like a German. This is a country known for efficiency and precision engineering – clearly, this culture has a lot to offer everyone else who ends up frazzled, burnt out and stressed (as well as two or more boxes down upon arrival). 

Here’s all you need to know in order to move like a German…

Commit (fully) to being organised

Do yourself a huge favour – declutter. Decluttering won’t only make your moving job easier, it could also boost your bank balance through an eBay clear out or car boot sale.

Once you’re working with only what you want to keep, it’s time to make a list (actually, many lists), and tackle each room one by one.

Here’s some more reading on becoming a better, more organised version of yourself…

Gather (several) removal firm quotes (well ahead of time)

First things first, be well ahead of the game when it comes to requesting quotes from removal firms. Leaving it until the last minute will almost certainly push the price up. 

When asking for a quote be clear as to how each company charges. Most removal firms will charge by the hour, so it’s vital you know how long the journey is between point A and point B. 

The next fact you’ll need to provide to a potential removals firm is how many boxes you might have (our quoting process involves how many boxes we’ll need to move and how heavy they may be).

Finally, always, ALWAYS be certain as to what’s included in your quote. For example, boxes and a packing service aren’t included in pricing. Check out our York removals FAQ page for a detailed run through of what is and isn’t included.

Harness technology as your move day helper

It’s no secret that German technology is among the most respected in the world. So it stands to reason that technology is relied upon for many a continental move. From moving timelines to checklists, this little list of Five Apps has you covered for a Seamless House Move.

Now you have German efficiency on your side, we imagine that you’re feeling ready for your big move. If so, we’re here whenever you need us. Grab an online quote within minutes or speak with the team if you have questions about our moving services.

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